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5 Budgeting Tips for New Parents

Having a baby is a wonderful adventure, but it can also be a costly one. Debt collectors too often get the best of well-intentioned parents who didn’t budget properly. Want to make sure your baby has everything it needs to grow up? Follow these simple budgeting tips to help build your child’s future. Make a […]

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22 Tips for New Dads

This is how it’s been for centuries:  fathers getting involved when it comes to discipline, but leaving the daily tasks, the hugs and kisses to the mother. However, with rising awareness of child psychology, society encourages both the mothers and the fathers to take care of the baby equally, and find ways to bond with […]

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A Safe Playground Environment

Children need to be able to have playground areas. They need to have a sense of freedom. Children also need to have venues to interact with other kids. Many adults have memories on playgrounds growing up. Playgrounds can also be great for a community. Many people have memories of going to a playground with mom […]

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A Baby Gift Basket is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Is someone in your life expecting a baby? Looking for a great gift, but don’t have a clue what to get for a new baby? Consider a baby gift basket, a unique way to welcome the bundle of joy into the world. Gift baskets are fun and loved by all, filled with products that are […]

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Simple and Effective Ways for Parents to Thrive

Life is expensive enough when going solo but when you add kids to the equation it can be daunting wondering how you’ll ever make ends meet. Thankfully when you enter into the world of parenthood you get more advice than you can often ever really process. All your friends and family have found ways to […]

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Grammar Check: Baby of Mine

In utero, what can a baby possibly learn about sound, language, or grammar? How about the sound of his mother’s and father’s voice, his puppy’s bark, certainly his sister’s talking, and the many sounds routine to what will soon be his daily life. Built into all these is familiarity; in most of these the baby […]

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Build a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

Children’s success in school depends on a wide range of factors that includes the quality of the relationship between their parents and teachers. Use these suggestions to partner with your children’s teachers, building strong relationships that last throughout the school year. Show Your Support There are many ways to show a teacher that he or […]

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Keep Your Newborn Safe Through Semiconductor Testing

A friend recently had her first baby. After nine long months of shopping for nursery furniture, picking out miniature dresses and shoes, and finding the perfect name, baby Hanna arrived. My friend and her husband are very protective, as this is their firstborn. And as new parents, there’s plenty to keep them up at night, […]

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Upcoming Fertility Seminars…

The Red Rock Fertility Center would like to invite you to a FREE Fertility Seminar Come enjoy some good organic caffeine free tea, listen to an informational talk on infertility by either  Dr. Eva Littman (Saturday mornings) or Noushi Mortazavi, APN (Tuesday Evenings,) and cap it off with a tour of our state of the […]

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