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Evaluating Fertility Clinics

The best way to see if a fertility clinic you are considering is a good one is to look at their egg donor success rates. Egg donors are used by couples when the woman either has no eggs (ovaries removed) or has very poor egg quality (very high FSH.) These patients should have a high probability of becoming pregnant because the donor does not have an issue with infertility.

Why Is Infertility Increasing?

A fertility expert expresses concern over the rising rates of infertility, attributing this trend to environmental toxins and harmful substances in everyday products, which she believes adversely impact fertility globally.

How to Improve Pregnancy Chances?

A fertility specialist addresses common inquiries about enhancing fertility, recommending weight management for women and a cooler environment for male testicles to optimize reproductive function. Emphasis is placed on a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and proteins for both genders, highlighting specific foods beneficial for reproductive health.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy?

This video discusses various toxins detrimental to fertility, including pesticides, BPA in plastics, and certain chemicals in sunscreens. The importance of choosing truly organic products and being cautious about potential contaminants in food and everyday items is emphasized, especially for those preparing to conceive.

About Us

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Our state-of-the-art facility is specially designed to better accommodate our growing patient base. The clinic, located at 9120 West Russell Road in Las Vegas, is 12,800 square-feet—twice the size of our former facility. The building, designed by Las Vegas architecture firm IZ Design Studio gives us the space and opportunity to better serve our patients.

Everything we do at Red Rock Fertility Center is aimed at providing patients with an unparalleled experience and the opportunity for the best chance of success. This new location gives us the tools to make this goal a reality for many more individuals seeking fertility treatment.