Financial Options

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Affording Your Dream for a Family

Fertility treatment is a complex process, requiring a significant staff and expensive equipment, but it is more affordable than most people think. Some health insurance plans frequently cover the diagnosis of fertility problems, but only 30% cover the treatment. Our coordinators will help you navigate and confirm exactly what your plan covers. Please bring your insurance card to your appointments for verification.

Our specialized financial counselor can help assess your finances and develop a financing plan within your budget. While Red Rock Fertility does not offer in-house financing, an installment pay plan is available to prepay your fertility treatment over time.

To learn more about your fertility benefits, schedule a consultation or call (702) 749-4676.

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United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit offers affordable monthly payments, competitive interest rates, and multiple financing plans for a variety of treatments and procedures.

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Med Loan Finance

Med Loan Finance is a medical finance company dedicated to finding the perfect fit for customers’ needs. They work with people of all credit histories and backgrounds, and their extensive base of lenders and providers makes it possible to offer competitive medical financing.

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Prosper Healthcare Lending

Red Rock Fertility is pleased to provide patient financing for our fertility procedures through Prosper Healthcare Lending.

The Salt Lake City-based lender provides flexible loan terms with no prepayment penalties. Upon approval, funds are sent via ACH deposit in a few days.

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LendingClub provides fertility financing options that allow you to prequalify within minutes.

Unlike other plans, applicants will see all amounts, monthly payments, and interest rates they prequalify for, with no impact to their credit until they select a plan and move forward.