Video Testimonials

Success Stories from Our Patients

Red Rock Fertility Center has had the privilege of helping men and women become the parents they’ve always wanted to be.

Watch and listen to the stories behind these parents’ struggles with infertility and how the medical staff and researchers at Red Rock helped make their dream of parenthood a reality.

Our video testimonials are all real patients, giving their real stories. None of the patients in our video testimonials were scripted or given direction on how to answer any of our questions about their experience and results.

Sarah and Jason’s IVF success story

Explore a heartfelt journey of resilience and hope in this video, as a woman recounts her struggles with pregnancy loss, her transformative health journey on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ and the unexpected paths to family through fertility treatments and adoption.

Jamie and Reginald’s Triplets

In this touching video, a patient from Red Rock Fertility shares their journey of overcoming fertility challenges with Dr. Littman’s help, leading to the joyous birth of triplets, emphasizing the warmth, personalized care, and hope provided by the clinic.

Emma’s IVF Success Story

A couple expresses their deep gratitude for Dr. Eva Littman of Red Rock Fertility, highlighting her expertise and compassionate care that led to the successful conception of their two children, emphasizing the immediate success of treatments and the strong connection they felt with the doctor.

Twins Hartlee and Harrison

Brett and Ryan Hayes introduce their twins, Harrison and Hartley, and share their positive experience with Red Rock Fertility Center. They emphasize the modern facility, the genuine care they received, and their appreciation for Dr. Littman’s personable approach, highlighting their trust in returning for future treatments.

Nicole’s IVF Success Story

Nicole Anderson, originally from Australia, praises Red Rock Fertility Center and Dr. Littman for their professionalism, care, and positive energy during her fertility treatment, reflecting on the profound change and unparalleled joy her children have brought into her life.

Melissa and Tsikki’s Success Story

A mother introduces her 10-month-old daughter, Mccayla, and shares her journey to motherhood with the support of Dr. Littman and Red Rock Fertility Center. She emphasizes the center’s inclusive and LGBTQ+-friendly approach, highlighting Dr. Littman’s encouragement and the profound joy of becoming a parent.

Annual Baby Reunions

Every year Red Rock Fertility Center holds a baby reunion for us to visit with our families. Here are some videos of these events.

2015 Baby Reunion

2014 Baby Reunion

2013 Baby Reunion

2012 Baby Reunion

2011 Baby Reunion

Our Doctor

Eva Littman

As the Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center, Dr. Eva Littman has successfully guided the center to produce many successful pregnancies. Dr. Littman also specializes in challenging cases where the patient has less than a five percent chance of pregnancy and helps them welcome new lives into their families.