So most IVF clinics do not offer genetic screening included in their IVF packages. Here at Red Rock Fertility Center, we do because we’ve determined that a number of normal looking embryos can be genetically abnormal and when these embryos are transferred, they either will not implant or they will cause a miscarriage, and we would really like to avoid that because a miscarriage can be very detrimental to your mental and emotional state. Therefore, we only transfer the normal embryos that have been conceived.

What is Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening allows us to analyze genetic material from an embryo to determine its genetic make-up. CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) is the newest technology for genetic screening used at Red Rock Fertiliy Center.

CGH allows regions on every chromosome to be analysed for abnormalities compared with current techniques, which are restricted to specific problems on the chromosomes.

CGH increases the success rate of IVF

CGH has shown a 70% success rate in a number of studies. This success rate is similar to what we have seen in our program here at Red Rock Fertility.

CGH is an excellent option for screening for specific genetic diseases. CGH does not guarantee that it can screen for every genetic problem, but it is currently the best technology available.

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