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If you’re like most women who are afflicted by infertility, each negative pregnancy test brings on a tidal wave of emotions. There’s the immediate anger, as well as the lingering anxiety, fear, and guilt. You worry that you’ll never be able to have a baby. You begin to wonder if you’re the only factor holding your partner back from realizing the dream or parenthood. As the tumultuous sea of your mind tosses you from one emotion to the next, you begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and alone. Fortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth – you’re not the only sailor on this churning sea.

Fertility Frustration is Common

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 11% of women of childbearing age struggle with infertility. This means that nearly 40 million women in the United States alone are feeling what you’re feeling right now. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in fertility treatments, a large number of those women have given birth to healthy babies. Though they’ll never forget that emotional tidal wave, they realize that the moments of fear and frustration pale in comparison to the love they feel as they hold their babies in their arms.
Frustrated couple seeing pregnancy reuslts

Overcoming your Emotions

If you’re currently surfing infertility’s emotional tidal wave, a fertility specialist can be of great value as both a healthcare advisor and a counselor or guide. Fertility specialists understand what you’re going through emotionally, but they also have a vast knowledge of fertility’s causes and cures. Your fertility specialist will come alongside you and help you to transform your negative emotions into positive actions that will help you and your partner beat infertility.
For example, your fertility specialist can help you relieve your anger and frustration by recommending a fitness plan that will relax both your body and mind, making infertility treatment more effective. Because fertility specialists have a robust understanding of fertility treatments, they can also relieve any anxiety you have by explaining exactly what your treatment entails and how it will help. Because it’s harder to get pregnant when you’re stressed, partnering with an infertility specialist to overcome your negative emotions about infertility can help you overcome infertility itself.
It’s easy to be swept away by tidal waves of anger, frustration, fear, and guilt when you’re having trouble getting pregnant, but staying positive and proactive will boost your chances of having a baby. Let your fertility specialist be the anchor that holds you and your partner to the shore.

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