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Guide to Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience: the sweet pitter-patter of tiny feet in your tummy, the hours of daydreaming as you nest your home into perfection, the pool of sweat filling up in your too-snug nursing bra, the swollen Fred Flintstone feet that won’t squeeze into your flip flops anymore. It sounds like you’re experiencing […]

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A Parent’s Guide to the 4th of July

Remember back when the 4th of July was all about backyard BBQs, drinking a couple (or more) adult beverages, and staying out late enough to see the fireworks? Yep… so do we! Now, if you’re not a parent to young kids, this might still be your reality – but for the rest of us, the […]

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Ring in Summer with These Family Friendly Activities

Summertime is the best time to enjoy the warm weather and quality time with your family. With so many activities to do over the summer, it’s good to start a list of everything you want to do together! Whether you want to visit the zoo, do some traveling all together, or maybe just lounge by […]

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Embracing Father's Day 2018

Father’s Day 2018 is rapidly approaching on Sunday, June 17th. While it’s a day to celebrate fathers and fathers-to-be, it can serve as another reminder of their struggles with infertility. If you are coping with infertility, it may seem hard to get through this popular holiday. Here, we will share some tips for men on […]

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Spring Cleaning Done Right: Keep Baby Safe

With the school year coming to an end, spring flowers in full bloom, and the summer heat making itself known, now’s your chance to dive into some spring cleaning! Whether you like spring cleaning or not, it is a great way to freshen things up and refocus your mind and life. But, with a newborn […]

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How to Talk to Your Children About Donor Conception

For many intended parents, surrogacy is impossible without a sperm or egg donor. Whether the intended parent(s) unsuccessfully struggle through the IVF process, they’re part of a same-sex couple, or a single parent that can’t create an embryo on their own, it is common for these individuals to turn to egg or sperm donations for […]

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What to Do After Your Infertility Diagnosis

After hearing your infertility diagnosis, moving forward may seem impossible. But, you can also feel empowered after an infertility diagnosis. By surrounding yourself with supportive people, turning to a reputable clinic for fertility help, and educating yourself and your family, you can move forward in a positive and productive way. Let’s look at healthy ways […]

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How to Support Your Partner Through Fertility Treatment

Undergoing fertility treatment is an exciting time and changes both partner’s lives. Learning how to support each other during this journey will help you both celebrate the successes and find comfort in the hardships. Open communication, romantic gestures, and unyielding support will remind your partner that you’re by their side throughout the process of coping […]

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