Most couples that are considering fertility treatments probably think they must narrow their search down to medical offices that are within 50 to 100 miles of their home. After all, does it really make sense to drive hours to the fertility clinic, if one is right down the street? The problem is, some communities are quite underserved when it comes to the number and quality of fertility clinics in the local area. This means these individuals must look further before making a choice. Fortunately, there are many options for all patients including fertility tourism.

What Is Fertility Tourism?

This concept refers to the act of traveling to another region (whether it is a different state in the U.S., or a country outside of our borders) in order to seek fertility treatments from a qualified provider. It is a form of medical tourism, but the common motivation behind fertility tourism often varies when compared to medical tourism.

Why Participate in Fertility Tourism?

Those who decide to travel to another state or country to work on the fertility process often do so for several unique reasons, including:

  • Access to higher quality fertility treatments and medical care

    Some countries either ban or severely limit fertility care for couples. There may also be a basic lack of clinic locations throughout the local area. These couples may be forced to wait an extended period of time due to the insufficient medical infrastructure, which can minimize the chances of success. Additionally, countries with universal healthcare programs tend to make couples wait a long time to receive treatment.

    As a result, patients will travel to other countries to try out new procedures and take advantage of specialized offerings from innovative clinics. New ideas sprout all the time. Informed couples may want to access treatment options that are emerging in other locales but are not available in their home state or country.

woman going through IVF treatment

  • Work around fertility treatment laws

    Most fertility treatment options in the United States are open to virtually anyone who can demonstrate a medical need. There are strict provisions against discrimination in fertility treatments, meaning clinics can’t say no to couples based on ethnicity, race, marital status, and sexual orientation. Patients from other countries may consider fertility tourism to the U.S. for just this reason.

    In Nevada, laws favor intended parents by granting pre-birth and post-birth parentage orders. Prior to 2013, these laws defined intended parents as a married couple only. Now, they also apply to single individuals, unmarried couples and same-sex couples making it easier to formalize parental rights and remove any rights or obligations from the gestational carrier.

  • Higher success rates

    Another reason that patients choose to do fertility treatments outside their home state or country is higher success rates. At Red Rock Fertility Center, we have one of the highest first-time IVF cycle success rates in the United States. Red Rock Fertility also holds a “take-home” baby rate of between 75-80% after one cycle for women under the age of 35.

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  • See a new place

    It’s called tourism for a reason. Unlike some medical tourism, fertility treatments take time and will require patients stay in the treatment location from one to four weeks. This means there is time to experience the sights and sounds of the destination you’ve chosen. Las Vegas is a popular choice because of its vibrant scene but more so because it is one of the few destinations that offer a regional strategic plan for medical and wellness travel. The plan outlines unique and comprehensive patient options provided by medical providers in the Las Vegas area.

With its industry expertise and incomparable hospitality, Las Vegas is a top choice for those looking for a world-class fertility clinic for their treatment. Red Rock Fertility Center’s design was inspired by the luxury and hospitality of the strip’s finest hotels. Not only are patients treated by an experienced specialist in Dr. Eva Littman, the environment in which they receive treatment was carefully crafted to ensure patients are relaxed and at ease, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

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