Fertility tracking technology has come a long way. No longer do you just have to rely on your period and ovulation cycle to determine when to conceive. Today, there are countless ovulation tracker apps and technology that can help you pinpoint your most fertile days. But are these new technologies all that they’re cut out to be?
Here, we’ll share some of our favorite ovulation tracker apps and technology to help you get pregnant.

Our Favorite Ovulation Tracker Apps

Your smartphone can do nearly everything, including track your ovulation cycle. Below are some of our favorite ovulation tracker apps:


Here at Red Rock Fertility Center, we’re all about community which is one reason why we love Glow. In addition to ovulation tracking, Glow also offers community support and personalized reproductive and fertility insights (bonus: it even tracks male fertility!). Plus, if you’re not ready to conceive just yet, Glow will remind you to take your birth control. It also syncs with other health apps, such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

Ovia Health

Like Glow, Ovia Health is much more than just an ovulation tracker app. The company has three different apps to follow you along your conception and pregnancy journey: Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting. The fertility app makes it easy to track your period, receive ovulation predictions, and read personalized summaries about your health. In addition, members get access to articles, fertility facts, health tips and more through the Ovia community.

Clue Period Tracker App for Tracking FertilitySource: HelloClue.com

Clue Period Tracker

Clue Period Tracker is a free app by the Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal and published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. With such reputable backers, it’s no surprise that this ovulation tracker app is one of the highest rated based on reliability, user reviews, and quality. Not only can it help you track your periods and ovulation, but it can also shed some insight into your own unique menstrual patterns. Plus, they have an extremely comprehensive resource center with blogs about everything from underwear reviews to information about various birth control methods.

Period Tracker Health Calendar

This app is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a period tracker calendar that helps you predict when your next cycle will be. There’s no fancy bells or whistles on this free app, just historical data that can help you identify your most fertile days. Plan your life around your period with a greater understanding of when its about to hit and when you should try to conceive. With over 4,000 4.5 star reviews, it’s worth giving this simple but meaningful ovulation tracker app a try.
Want to try even more ovulation tracker apps? Healthline has compiled a long list of their favorites, check them out here.

Other Ovulation Tracking Technology

In addition to the ovulation tracker apps above, there are also countless other tech options you can try to determine your fertility and ovulation periods. Here are some of our favorites:


Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses your basal body temperature (BBT). BBT is used to track fertility because when you are ovulating, your ovaries produce more progesterone, which can increase your BBT over the next few days after ovulation. Using this metric, Daysy gives you a fertile and infertile window so you know when to try to get pregnant. According to the company, their algorithm has a 99.3% accuracy rate.


Conceivable is a whole modern fertility wellness program that not only helps you track your ovulation, but can help you actually increase your fertility naturally through lifestyle changes and real-time data. According to their website, they help “build positive lifestyle habits that lead to better outcomes for women, mothers, and babies.” Their intelligent, personalized wellness recommendations are aimed toward helping you increase your odds for natural conception. They track common fertility factors such as your cycle, BBT, and lifestyle habits and provide recommendations on how to reach your optimal fertile self.

Ava Smart Bracelet and App for Ovulation TrackingSource: AvaWomen.com


Ava is a smart bracelet that not only tracks BBT, but also tracks a number of other parameters to give you the longest fertility window. It can detect signs that your body is preparing to ovulate up to five days in advance, meaning you’ll be more than ready when the time comes. Ava also tracks your resting heart rate, sleep cycles, skin temperature, stress levels, breathing rate, and more. Plus, you only have to wear it when you sleep (and it’s surprisingly fashionable) so you never forget to track your cycle.


Kindara has a free app where users can manually input data like their BBT, cervical fluid consistency, menstruation cycles, sex schedule, and more. The app makes it easy to track everything you’d want to know about your cycle, including physical manifestations (we see you, acne breakouts!), level of flow, and other custom data. If you want to take your tracking to another level with Kindara, check out their oral fertility thermometer, Wink. Wink automatically syncs with the Kindara app, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put in your own data. With this seamless tracking, you can easily understand your reproductive health.
Ovulation tracking has come a long way since just putting Xs on a calendar to mark the days of your period. Now, you can use apps, real-time data, and smart devices to track your cycle, ovulation window, and more.

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