Having children is an incredibly rewarding experience, but you’re probably already doing a lot of preparation right now as you anticipate for your little one’s arrival. The physical, mental, and emotional work of simply prepping the home is enough to tire anyone out. There’s no doubt about it. If you have a baby on the way, life is about to change. Take some time for yourself as you get ready step into parenthood. Our pre-baby bucket list will help you decide what to experience before your little bundle of joy arrives.


Of course, you can always travel with your kiddos, but many soon-to-be parents like to take a babymoon before their child arrives. It’s a time to enjoy a travel adventure kid-free. It can be an extended trip you’ve always wanted to take or a pampering staycation a little closer to home. The main thing is to plan an itinerary for adults and indulge in some much-needed R&R.


Movie Time

Talk to any new parents and they’ll tell you that time at the movie theater is considered a luxury. Have a nice dinner and make it a date. Most of the movies in your future will include cartoons or PG-friendly content. Enjoy the latest thriller or romantic comedy distraction free.

Take a Road Trip

Fall is one of the prettiest times to explore the country. Pack up some snacks, your camera, and jump in the car for a road trip somewhere new. Impromptu trips can feel a little hectic when kids are involved, but when it’s just the two of you, it can make you feel carefree.

Hang with Friends

While you’ll still see your friends after the baby arrives, it may be a little more difficult to align everyone’s schedules. Have friends over for a game night or dinner party and celebrate your growing family. If you want to keep a laid-back feel without a lot of prep, host a potluck and everyone can bring their favorite dish.


Go Camping

There is nothing quite like the great outdoors to elevate the spirits and bring a sense of peace and well-being to your mind and body. Fit in a camping trip well before your baby arrives and you’ll not only reconnect with nature, but you can also use the trip as an opportunity to reconnect with your partner.

De-clutter Your Home

For such tiny people, babies tend to command a lot of room in the home. Before your little one arrives, organize your home, especially the nursery, and throw out or donate things you haven’t used in years. You soon will (or may have already) been inundated with gifts from loved ones excited for your baby’s arrival. Taking a moment to put things away properly will help instill a sense of calm among the chaos.

Make the Move

This is a big one, but if you’ve been considering a new place or a bigger space, it’s best to do before the baby comes. You want to make sure wherever you’re living is somewhere you truly feel at home to create a welcoming environment for the newest member of your family.



Before your new bundle of joy arrives, write down the top ten things you’d love to buy and choose a small splurge. Have you been dreaming of a day at the spa? Have your eye on a new tech gadget? While you don’t want to incur recurring high-dollar expenses as your family grows, a little treat once in awhile should be a “must do” for your list.

Go Somewhere Fancy

As simple as it sounds, spending a formal evening out with your partner can transport you away, even if it’s just for an evening. Although lounging in your sweats may be comfy, it feels nice to dress up every now and then. Eat, drink, and don’t be afraid to get a little fancy.

Go to a Concert

Is one of your favorite artists touring? Maybe a tribute band is playing at your neighborhood bar? Though this is for you, there is something to be said for exposing a baby to music during pregnancy. You may feel your little one rocking out with you. Pick a venue where things won’t get too rowdy and have fun immersing yourself in music.
Having a child is the ultimate blessing. Once they arrive, your focus will want to be solely on them. Your day-to-day will change (in the best ways possible)! Until then, enjoy some “me time” by taking a cue from this pre-baby bucket list. It’ll always be important to take time for yourself even after your baby arrives, but you may find you won’t want to do much without them.

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