Undergoing fertility treatment is an exciting time and changes both partner’s lives. Learning how to support each other during this journey will help you both celebrate the successes and find comfort in the hardships. Open communication, romantic gestures, and unyielding support will remind your partner that you’re by their side throughout the process of coping with infertility.

Here are some of the best ways to show your support for your partner during fertility treatment:

Communicate thoroughly and effectively.

During such a momentous time, it’s especially important to communicate thoroughly and honestly. Maintaining open communication will help avoid any misunderstandings along your journey. Make sure to express to your partner that how they’re feeling is important to you and you’re always happy to talk. An important part of communicating effectively is being a good listener and reciprocating the transparency. When both of you feel emotionally supported and can communicate without judgment, you are more likely to strengthen your relationship during both celebratory and challenging times.

Reaffirm your love.

Fertility treatment comes with a range of emotions, and affirmations of your love are especially valuable at this time. Show affection and go the extra mile to make sure your partner feels loved and supported by asking them which gestures make them feel cared for. Do they like coming home to flowers or do they prefer physical touch? Likewise, if you’re craving affirmation from your partner, don’t be afraid to let them know! A fun way to find out what type of love you both need is taking the 5 Love Languages quiz. Learning your partner’s Love Language can help strengthen your relationship.

Accompany them to appointments.

Unless the partner receiving the treatment objects, both partners should be present at fertility treatment appointments. This accompaniment will help reinforce the idea of “us” instead of “you”. Coping with infertility should not be a journey traveled alone. Both partners should know exactly what’s going on with the treatment and remain supportive the entire time. Growing your family is a team effort – as is undergoing the treatment necessary to do so.

Man and woman holding hands while talking to the doctor.Give them space if they need it.

Everyone deals with emotions differently. While each partner should make an effort to understand each other’s emotional needs, don’t feel caught off guard if your partner needs some space once in a while. Some people value alone time more than others and your partner may prefer support in the form of “me time”. If this is the case, let them be, but make it known that you’re there when they need you, especially during your fertility journey.

Get out of the house.

While it can be easy to focus solely on fertility while undergoing treatment, try giving your minds a much-needed break by getting out of the house. Go for a scenic walk. Go see that movie you’ve been excited about. Visit a family member. Do the things you love doing together to really focus on the love in your relationship. Keeping your bond strong and enjoying each other’s company will help ease any stress you may be experiencing.

Find ways to relieve stress.

Fertility support and treatment can be a tumultuous journey for both partners. If not properly dealt with, stress can have adverse effects. The good news is there are things you can do to help each other let those emotions go. Chances are, you’ve experienced stress before. Think about how you’ve dealt with stress in the past and share those methods with your partner. If you haven’t yet found an effective way to relieve stress, try out different methods together. Pop into a yoga class at your local studio. Find a bench with a great view and just talk to each other. Find a new recipe online and try making it for dinner together. Once you find an activity that relieves stress for both of you, fall back on that next time you’re feeling down.

Communication, stress relief, couple activities, and showing fertility support are all great ways to approach fertility treatment as a partnership. You are growing your family together and it’s important to support each other throughout the whole journey. The ups, the downs, and everything in between are all learning opportunities to strengthen your relationship!

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