At Red Rock Fertility Center our team is committed to all the growing families that walk through our clinic doors. We provide a unique service and experience to all our patients through personal relationships between our staff and patient families. Learn more about our team through our Get to Know Us Series!

Our staff highlight this month is Charry Lopez. As a valued team member at Red Rock Fertility Center, Charry works as an IUI Coordinator by preparing exam rooms and answering any treatment questions that our patients might have. As an IUI Coordinator, one of the most exciting aspects of her role is hearing when a family gets pregnant! Schedule an appointment with us and meet Charry, along with the rest of our team at Red Rock Fertility Center today!

Red Rock Fertility Center’s Charry Lopez

  • Tell us about a typical day at work for you.

My day starts @ 7:30 a.m. I set up [and prepare] the exam rooms [for] patients [of] the day. I [also] answer phone calls from patients that have treatment questions.

  • What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Meeting new patients and feeling excited for them when they get pregnant.

  • Tell us about the relationships you’re able to form with each of your patients. How does your role impact their overall experience at Red Rock Fertility Center?

Customer Service – Make sure that the patients feel confident coming to us. Making sure they know that we care for them and want to succeed in helping them get pregnant.

  • What do you think makes Red Rock Fertility Center a unique place for fertility treatment?

One on one interaction with treatment coordinators, [as well as] prompt responses to patient’s questions.

  • How is the team at Red Rock Fertility Center unique to the market?

Boutique style office. You don’t feel like you’re just a member because the atmosphere is very non-clinical.

  • What is your favorite food and/or restaurants?

Anything Asian.

  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Working out.

  • What is your favorite place to visit? Any places you’d love to visit?

Hawaii & Asian countries (Especially Japan). Future [travel] on my list – Vietnam, Cambodia, Mainland China.

  • What is your greatest accomplishment? (Personal, professional, etc.)

Raising my 2 boys.

  • How long have you been in Las Vegas and what’s your favorite part about this town?

14 years total. Lots of restaurants!

  • Is there anything you can’t live without?

My family – husband & 2 sons.

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