The first moments of your baby’s life are some of the most memorable. They look extra adorable with those rosy cheeks, butter-soft skin, and tiny fingers. The best way to remember these moments forever is with a photo! Whether you want to go all out with a professional photographer or DIY it yourself with your iPhone, you’ll want the photos to have a special, personal touch. Whether a first-time parent or a seasoned parent, these newborn moments are some of the best to capture. It’s time to get creative!

While your baby is still squishy and sleepy, having a newborn photoshoot is a great way to capture the memories. See some adorable ideas and photo tips for having the best newborn photos to celebrate your little one’s entrance to the world!

Tips for a Seamless Newborn Photoshoot

Before getting into the fun stuff like themes, poses, outfits and props, here are some things you should keep in mind to make the whole experience run smoothly. These are a few of our top newborn photo tips:

Have All Your Gear Ready to Go

Have your background fully set up and all of your props before you change your baby into their outfit. This way you eliminate the risk of your baby getting irritated before you even start shooting. Also, if you are taking the pictures yourself, pull up some inspiration photos and have an idea of the poses you want to try out before starting! 

Get Your Baby in a Good Mood

You know your baby better than anyone else! What can you do beforehand to make sure they are in a great mood? Making sure your baby is well fed, diaper changed, sleepy, and comfortable, will ensure you have a great newborn photoshoot. 

Keep it Warm and Use a White Noise Machine

Having some background noise and a cozy, warm room will help your baby stay sleepy and content. It’ll be just like being in a warm womb with a heartbeat! On top of a comfortable setting, the white noise machine helps cover the sound of a camera shutter that might startle your baby otherwise.

Take a few test shots!

Before putting your baby in position, try a few test shots with a random object, a stuffed animal will do just fine! You can test out the lighting, flash, and adjust your camera setting accordingly. This way you get to focus on the star of the show when they are in position ready to go!

The Cutest Newborn Photoshoot Themes 

Now that you have those tips in mind, it’s time to have some fun with the theme! Here are 3 newborn photoshoot ideas to get you started:

Spring Bunny

This one is perfect for Easter or any spring baby! It is also unquestionably grandparent approved. Get a pair of floppy ears and some color flowers to make for a bright newborn photoshoot.

Sports Fan Since Day 1

If you are a sports family, consider dressing your baby up in your favorite team’s colors with props that match the sport. As an added bonus, if Father’s Day is coming up, this one is the perfect gift for any sports fan dad.

Fandom Baby

Do you have a favorite fantasy or sci-fi character? Let your baby follow in your nerdy footsteps! You can get really creative with newborn photo outfits with this theme. It will be hard to tell who is having more fun, the baby or you!

Adorable Newborn Poses for Your Baby

Aside from a theme, there are many poses and positions you can get creative with your newborn photoshoot. 

The froggy

The newborn frog pose is certified adorable but can be slightly challenging. Use this video on how to achieve it! 

Laying on their hands

Babies look so peaceful in this one! Lay your newborn forward with their head on their hands to achieve this pose.

Hand to cheek 

Show off those tiny fingers by placing their hand on their cheek as they lay back. 

Capture a yawn!

Nothing is cuter than a newborn tired yawn. 

Baby on mom’s belly 

Capture an intimate moment with mom by laying your baby on top of mommy’s belly.

With the Parents 

Capturing these first intimate moments as a family is so special, and having parent pictures is a must.

Baby Cocoon

There is something extra adorable about a newborn wrapped up into a little ball! 

Little Details

Capture your little one’s features – their baby fingers, nose, or feet will never be as small as they are at this moment!

With Siblings

Don’t forget to include the siblings! These first encounters will be moments they will look back on forever. 

With their Furry Best Friend

The best way to make a photoshoot more fun is to include your family pet. 

Get Creative with Props!

There are millions of ways to customize your newborn photoshoot! A great option is fun props. They can be tied to a certain theme or personal to you. 

Seasonal Props

In the fall you can place pumpkins and dried leaves, in the summer you could use beach balls and sunscreen. Have fun playing with special props you can’t get year round. 

Favorite Stuffed Animal

Imagine looking back at the photos of your newborn holding their favorite stuffed animal when they are older! The plush toy will look so much smaller when they hold it at age 4 than at 12 weeks.

To the Moon and Back

Place your sleepy head on a moon shaped bed and melt over the cuteness. If you are thinking of mailing photos to friends and family, have fun with moon and space references on the card! 

Now, with those 20 adorable newborn photoshoot ideas and tips in mind, will you use any for your newborn photos? Let us know if you use any as inspiration, and check out how adorable the photoshoots get with our babies of the month for even more inspiration! We’d love to see what you come up with! There is no better way to celebrate your little one’s entrance to the world than with newborn photos.

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