21 New Year's Resolution Ideas for New Parents in 2021

Are you a new parent in the new year? After the whirlwind of time that is the holidays, the new year is a great time to finally slow down and make some resolutions. See some of our favorite New Year’s resolution ideas for new parents below so you can start off your year with motivation for the year ahead!


Personal New Year’s Resolutions


Make More Time for Myself

Easier said than done as a new parent, right? It might seem impossible, but it can be as simple as setting aside 15-30 minutes for yourself every day. Making an effort for “me time” is important for your mental health.


Unplug from Technology More Often

It is so easy to pick up your cell phone or turn on the TV and stare at a screen for hours. Give your eyes a rest and your brain a break by trying something new to pass some time. Read a book, cook recipes, go for a walk – whatever you want!


Pick up a New Hobby

Ever want to see what all they hype is about with chess or knitting? Use this year as an opportunity to pick up a new hobby that will keep you stimulated. It also helps with the other two: more time to yourself and less screen time!


Parenting New Year’s Resolutions


Ask for Help When Needed

Being a new parent can get hectic, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether it’s babysitting you need or asking someone to grab something from the store for you, give yourself a break and accept help people have to offer.


Plan for Adult-Only Parent Time

You might be around your partner all the time, but how much of it is strictly adult time? Make it a regular thing this year to plan some adult-only time where you and your partner can connect without parenting duties on your mind.


Put Aside Time Daily for Bonding

Your baby’s early months are prime time for bonding. You are a parent all day, of course, but bonding means slowing down and enjoying time with your baby. Singing, dedicated playing, or rocking together are all great bonding activities.


New Father Organizing Closet for Home Resolutions


Home New Year’s Resolutions


Organize Storage

Is your attic, garage, or basement looking a little cluttered? Make a New Year’s resolution to organize your storage spaces. You’ll start to collect a lot of new items throughout parenthood, so starting organized will be a huge help!


Cross off Items on My Home To-Do List

Completing home projects might seem like the last thing you want to do in the midst of new parenthood, but having a space you’re comfortable in is important. Start with small, easy tasks like painting a wall or changing light fixtures.


Deep Clean Every 3 Months

Being a new parent can be messy! Cleaning along the way can help, but make a resolution to do a true deep clean every few months. Be sure to use baby-safe cleaning products to keep everyone happy, healthy, and clean.


Healthy New Year’s Resolutions


Invest in My Health

You’ve probably purchased a lot of things for your baby, but don’t forget to invest in yourself as well! This can mean a number of things, whether it’s buying healthy ingredients, buying a gym membership, or treating yourself to massages.


Spend More Time Outdoors

Being outdoors can be great for your health. Not only does it promote movement and more access to vitamin D, it also allows you to break up your day and get fresh air. Get outside for physical and mental health benefits.


Cook More Meals at Home

Ordering fast food and takeout is easy when new parenthood has you constantly on the move, but make a New Year’s resolution to prepare more homemade meals. It’s easier, cheaper, and can be a great family bonding experience.


New Parents Planning Trip as New Year’s Resolution


Fun New Year’s Resolutions


Plan an Exciting Trip

The future of travel might be a little different than previous years, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a trip down the road. Trip planning gives you something to look forward to, even if it’s just a simple road trip.


Take More Days Off of Work

Work is important, but your wellbeing is even more important. If you have time that you can take off of work, don’t hesitate to use it to the fullest extent! Days off of work let you relax and recharge to make life a little easier.


Cross Off an Item from My Bucket List

You have a whole new year ahead to have new experiences and try new things. If you have a bucket list, find at least one thing to cross off as a New Year’s resolution. Bucket list items give you something to look forward to and be proud of.


Financial New Year’s Resolutions


Create a Family Budget

Budgeting isn’t the most fun task, but it can really set you up for success in the upcoming year. Being a new parent means having new expenses you aren’t used to. Have a budget in place to make finances a little less stressful.


Put Away Savings for a Nest Egg

A nest egg is one of the most valuable things you can set up for your growing family. Nest eggs are large savings of money for a particular reason. Reasons range from emergency funds to new home and education funds.


Sell or Donate Unneeded Items

Want a refresh of the items in your home? One of the best things to do is sell or donate your existing items first. This will make you take inventory of what you do have, make money from what you sell, and help others with what you donate.


New Parents Video Calling Family Members


Family New Year’s Resolutions


Call Loved Ones More Often

It is unfortunately very easy to get caught up in life and forget to connect with loved ones on a regular basis. Make a New Year’s resolution to pick up the phone and brighten someone’s day with your voice. Better yet, make it a video call!


Have More Family Meals

Earlier, we suggested cooking more meals at home. The next step in that resolution is to eat those meals as a family. Schedules don’t always line up, but make the effort to eat meals together as a time to wind down and bond.


Keep a Record of Your Life

Journaling, photo albums, memory books, or any other recording tool are all great ways to document this chapter in your life. So many exciting things happen during this time, and you will definitely want to look back on your baby’s first year!


The Importance of Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions


No matter which New Year’s resolution ideas you choose to use, the most important thing to consider is setting realistic goals and resolutions. Setting outlandish goals will eventually lead to you falling off track, losing motivation, or becoming disheartened. You already have enough on your plate as a new parent. Setting realistic New Year’s resolutions will give you positive wins and successes throughout the year. If you are experiencing new parenthood this year, use these ideas to have a happy, healthy, fun, and productive new year!

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