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Getting some “me time” probably seems like an elusive myth when you are a new parent. From parenting to running errands to work, getting some time to yourself may seem impossible. However, making time for yourself amidst parenting duties is an important practice to avoid stress and have peace of mind. Read to see how to get “me” time and how to maximize it!

The Importance of “Me Time”

It probably comes as no shock to all moms and dads around the world, but recent studies show the average parent has 32 minutes of time to themselves every day. As children age into their teens and older, you may be able to snag a few extra minutes to yourself, but parents of younger children especially can attest to dedicating a good amount of time focusing on things and people other than themselves. From work to family time to errands, “me time” for moms and dads is a rare commodity.

Feeling stressed is a given for being a parent. Stress can cause you to detach from yourself and family and can cause a number of health conditions such as depression, headaches, insomnia, and tension. Making time for yourself can help. Allowing yourself to take more time for yourself can give yourself a boost mentally, physically, and emotionally. And similar to what they tell you on flights, assist yourself before assisting others. The importance of “me time” is to connect more deeply with yourself so you can connect more deeply with others.

“Me Time” Benefits for Parents

  • Decrease Stress
  • Improve Focus
  • Reduce Physical Ailments
  • Recharge Your Mind

Parents at Spa to Create Some “Me Time”

“Me Time” Ideas & Self-Care Tips

Indulge in a Spa Day

A spa day can be just what you need to make some time for yourself. Whether you do a couple’s spa day for a double-parent retreat or go solo, the experience will provide a chance to relax and decompress. Home spa days can be as simple as putting a do-not-disturb sign on the bathroom door for an hour, drawing a bath, lighting some candles, playing soothing music, and treating yourself to luxury bath products. If staying home isn’t enough “me time,” splurge and book an hour or two at a local spa to truly make time for yourself and have the ultimate escape.

Join a Club or Class

Just because it’s with a group doesn’t mean it can’t be “me time.” As a parent, a lot of your time is dedicated to doing things for your children. While it is always excited to see your child interact with their favorite interests and hobbies, it’s important to not lose sight of your interests and hobbies. Sign up for a club or class that strikes your fancy. Classes and clubs tend to meet once a week or month, meaning you don’t have to dedicate a large amount of time to participate, but it is still making time for yourself and exploring activities that bring you joy.

Take a Day Off

Taking a day off of work is not always an option for parents, but if your work allows it, make use of a day off. An entire day dedicated to miscellaneous tasks on your to-do list can help you knock out items that aren’t deemed a priority on regular days – whether it’s a hair appointment, projects around the house, or even that spa day mentioned earlier. A day off of work allows you to take a break from the office, get personal things done, and hopefully add more time to the average 32 minutes of “me time” for moms and dads. You’d be amazed how much you can get done with an extra 8 hours to yourself!

Parents on Date to Have Time Alone

Plan a Date Night

It’s unfortunately easy to fall into your day-to-day routine of tending to family, work, and errands, leaving little time for dedicated time with your partner. Plan a date night to get you and your partner out of the house and have time to connect. Hire a babysitter for the night and take a break together! Whether it’s going to a movie you have been wanting to see without the interruption of your little ones or making reservations at your favorite restaurant, sometimes the best “me time” for moms and dads is actually “us time.” A strong bond as a couple leads to easier and happier parenting.

Have an Early Start

Hear us out, night owls. Waking up early doesn’t always sound the greatest, especially if you prefer to sleep in as long as possible before your alarm or children wake you up. Sometimes making time for yourself means making time in the early hours when the rest of the house is still sound asleep. Use these morning moments to quiet your mind and create a morning ritual focused all around you. Make a cup of tea or coffee, read a book, have a quick workout session, or do whatever you need to wake up and prepare for the day. Trust us, you won’t want to hit snooze on making time for yourself in the morning.

The importance of “me time” for moms and dads is undeniable. From boosting your physical and mental health while allowing you to form closer bonds with those around you, making time for yourself is key. Try these “me time” ideas to treat yourself and be the happiest and healthiest parent you can be.

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