If you’ve found yourself in a place where you are ready to learn more about fertility options, but don’t have the scheduling freedoms or availability to make in-person appointments conducive to achieving your fertility goals, we’re glad you found us! Red Rock Fertility Center is here to serve your medical appointment needs through the versatility and accessibility of telehealth services.

When you establish care at the best fertility center Las Vegas has to offer, you’ll know you are in good hands, hands that you can trust to provide the best care for your fertility needs. Dr. Eva Littman and PA Amity Herrara are here to help you on your special path toward parenthood.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth, by its very nature, is virtual healthcare. It can be used for almost any healthcare appointment. That being said, this methodology is well-suited for fertility patients who are interested in participating in it and benefitting from its advantages. Patients can experience traditional doctor-patient contact in a virtual context, clinical care and reminders as well as education, and routine monitoring which can all be conducted successfully in a remote capacity.

Telehealth can be used for long-distance patients, those concerned about illness, and patients who are short on time due to busy schedules and other constraints of responsibility. These visits are conducted via video communication platforms, such as Zoom, and are easy for all to access.

What Can You Expect from Telehealth Appointments?

The most important thing for you to know regarding telehealth appointments is that you can expect the same caliber of care that you would in a traditional clinic or office setting. A comfortable environment is almost guaranteed for you as your visit will occur wherever you like. If you wish to meet with your doctor virtually from the comfort of your own home, you can! If you only have enough time to close your office door to participate in your telehealth appointment, that is another viable option for you.

You can, also, expect as much privacy for your telehealth appointment as you have in the location in which you will log on. Keep that in mind, as your privacy matters. The doctor and medical team will meet with you behind closed doors and operate under the required protocol to protect your personal health information.

Fertility doctor on the computer for her telehealth patient appointment

How is Telehealth Different from Other Available Options?

One of the main reasons patients choose telehealth options is because virtual visits are considerably easier to fit into your schedule than office appointments. With your telehealth appointments, you no longer need to fight traffic and factor driving time each way into your already busy schedule. 

The freedoms telehealth affords you lend themselves to stress reduction by making your appointment about the appointment and the important matters at hand instead of time constraints and logistics that should be unrelated, such as securing childcare for your other children, transportation, or work constraints.

How Should You Prepare for Your Telehealth Appointment?

Just as you would prepare for any other healthcare appointment, you will do much of the same with a telehealth appointment. The general steps include the following:

  • Start by scheduling a telehealth appointment via the website or by calling our caring team at Red Rock Fertility at (702) 749-4676.
  • Get ready for your appointment by gathering pertinent medical history details and filling out any requested forms in advance.
  • Check your technology to ensure it’s working properly. This should include your device, camera, microphone, and internet connection.
  • Use the information you are sent to log into the virtual appointment platform before your appointment time.
  • Participate in a Zoom call with Dr. Littman and PA Herrara to discuss your fertility goals, medical history, and go over your questions.
  • You will conduct a fertility telehealth self-examination with the doctor’s expert guidance and oversight.
  • A bespoke treatment plan for your unique fertility needs will be created from the information gleaned from your exam and medical history.
  • You will meet either via further telehealth appointments or in person, as appropriate, based on the doctor’s recommendations.

Contact Red Rock Fertility Center Today

If you’d like to learn more about the convenient telehealth options available for you at Red Rock Fertility Center, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our caring and supportive team provides exceptional customer service for both new and existing patients. Our business is helping you grow your family, and we’re ready to help you work toward your next steps. The first step toward achieving your dream is to get in touch with us to book a telehealth appointment with Dr. Littman today. We look forward to talking to you soon and working as a team to help you grow your family!

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