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Your fertility journey may differ simply based on your location. Fertility abroad varies by country, and each has its own set of rules and considerations for undergoing fertility treatments. Check out our micrographic below to see how your journey may be different abroad, including infertility rate by country and international fertility statistics. We’ve also included in some fun and interesting fertility rituals that may get you thinking about some fertility tourism to get the process started in case you want to kiss the statue of Victor Noir in France or want to celebrate the annual Hounen Matsuri love festival in Japan.

Of course, nothing quite beats a fertilization destination like Las Vegas! Not only is it an unforgettable place for activities, dining, and entertainment, Vegas also is a great place to grow your family. Our team at Red Rock Fertility Center is made up of some of the most successful and qualified fertility experts who are excited to help you on your fertility journey.


Fertility Abroad Fertility Facts Around the World [Infographic] by Red Rock Fertility Center

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