Spring brings with it a number of new beginnings, including babies! Whether you’re hosting your own baby shower or are planning a friend’s, we have gathered our favorite tips and trends for this important (and adorable) celebration.

Pick a Theme

We’ve come a long way from baby blue or pink serving as the entire baby shower theme. From the most popular baby shower themes of the year, we have chosen a few of our favorites. A theme is a great starting point because once you choose one, you can base all of your refreshments, decorations, and invitations around it. Here are some of the cutest baby shower theme ideas that are all the rage:
Sprinkle mocktail baby shower theme idea


Funfetti is everyone’s favorite cake, so why wouldn’t it be everyone’s favorite theme too? Incorporate sprinkles into everything from the mocktails to the baby shower cake to sprinkle the mama-to-be with love. Some funfetti theme ideas:

  • Fill big vases with candy and sprinkles for decoration
  • Set up a brightly colored photo backdrop with clear balloons filled with confetti
  • Offer your guests cupcakes, donuts, cake, or anything else covered in sprinkles
  • Mocktails rimmed with coated sprinkles are a great way to go

Check out Pinterest for many more funfetti theme ideas.

Floral Everything

Unsurprisingly, the boho-chic trend has continued to dominate the baby shower scene in 2018. It’s just so pretty and you can’t go wrong with lots and lots of flowers. Flower crowns were made for this baby shower theme. You can add florals to everything, from the wrapping paper to the appetizers to the decorations. You can even freeze edible flowers inside your ice cubes! Make your mom-to-be feel like Mother Nature to really welcome her baby in style.

Ready to Pop

This is a fun, cute and relatively simple baby shower theme idea. Your sweet little mom-to-be is almost ready to pop and so are your decorations! Get a few different kinds of popcorn (salty and sweet), blow up a ton of balloons and pop some (faux) champagne to toast! Pompom decorations are also a cute addition to this theme and have been everywhere lately.

Play Around

Games are a great way for everyone, from the future mama to her single besties, to have fun. Below are some of our favorites!

Women at a baby shower, celebrating the new mother to be.

Baby Photo Game

Have your guests send in a baby photo of themselves when they RSVP. Then when you set up the shower, put a board up full of your guests’ baby pictures with a number on each one. Hand out a guest list to everyone when they arrive and throughout the shower, they can try to guess who is who! Go over the answers later on and whoever gets the most right gets a prize!

Because I Said So!

Have everyone write down a short classic saying or piece of advice from their parents. Mix the slips of paper up in a bowl and have everyone take one. Each guest can recite the piece of advice they picked and guess who wrote it. Whoever guesses the most right gets a prize!

Guess the Big Day

At the beginning of the game, ask the mom-to-be to announce her anticipated due date. Since only about 5% of babies are born on their due date, that leaves a lot up to chance. Ask each guest what date and time they guess the baby will be born and write their prediction on a big calendar. Since you won’t know who wins until after the baby is born, promise to send out the prize to the winner after the big day.

Document the Cuteness

During any big event you plan, it can be easy to miss out on all the cute photo opportunities while focusing on everything else you have to do. Along with socializing with all your friends and family, you’re also making sure the day is moving along as scheduled. But, documenting these memories is important! Below are some photo op ideas, so you can have a great time AND end up with a ton of fun photos to look back on for years to come.


With the revamp of Polaroid cameras, those mini Polaroid pictures are everywhere these days and Polaroid cameras aren’t as expensive as they once were. Set up a picture-taking station with the camera and put up a big board where everyone can pin their photos. Your guests will have so much fun taking cute Polaroids on your big day and you’ll have a fun board with a bunch of memories on it afterwards!


Everyone’s loving the customized hashtags these days, so have a baby shower hashtag to track all of your friends’ cute posts of the event! Come up with a catchy hashtag and tell it to everyone when they arrive. That way, you’ll be able to find a collection of fun pictures from different perspectives after your shower.

Play Photographer For the Day

All these tech-y, creative photo ideas are great, but there’s nothing wrong with having a few friends play photographer for the day. Ask one or two friends to be in charge of snapping cute pictures of your day, so you can just be in the moment.
No matter if you’re planning your own baby shower or one for a family member or friend, these cute and easy ideas are sure to take the party up a notch. Choose a cohesive theme, play some fun games, and capture the moment through unique photo ops to really welcome that little bundle of joy in style!

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