A crucial part of coping with infertility is maintaining a positive attitude. Benefits of a positive attitude include reduced stress levels, improved overall health, and an increase in general happiness, all of which benefit fertility. While it may seem easier said than done, there are some steps you can take and small changes you can make right now that will lay the foundation for maintaining a positive mindset.
Woman with eyes closed, thinking positively and taking everything in.

Unleash Your Creativity

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, getting lost in a painting, singing a song, learning to play the guitar, photographing nature, or doodling in a notebook can exercise an underutilized part of your brain and cultivate a sense of personal growth. Immersing yourself in a creative project can give you a sense of control over the external world and help you communicate and understand certain thoughts and emotions. Journaling is another creative way to clear your mind by transferring your thoughts onto paper. Try keeping a journal on your bedside table and freely write a few times per week.

Start Your Day Right

Often, the tone of the day is set in the morning. In order to set the stage for a positivity-filled day, try starting your morning doing something you love. Whether that means waking up extra early so you can read a few chapters from a good book or enjoy your morning coffee outside, taking some time for yourself to relax and wake up in a happy mood can really make a difference. Take some time this week to figure out what works for you and evaluate how your day is affected.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is known to release endorphins, resulting in increased happiness levels. Getting regular exercise and staying active can increase confidence levels and overall health, and can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with infertility. Exercises such as yoga and tai chi include a relaxing, mind-body connection, which adds yet another benefit to the activity. If you don’t have time for a full workout or class, dance around the house while cleaning, go for a walk around the neighborhood, or take 10 minutes to jump rope to increase your heart rate.
Woman and man getting ready to exercise outside.

Go Outside

Soaking up some vitamin D can provide an instant mood boost. Take a friend or go on a solo trip to your local park, downtown area, or lake – wherever you feel most comfortable. Stroll around or find a bench to sit on. Try taking a few deep breaths to promote relaxation and just let yourself enjoy the fresh air. If you find your mind tends to wander to negative thoughts, occupy it by people watching or repeating a positive affirmation.

Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

Visiting or having conversations with loved ones is one of the best ways to climb out of a negative-thinking rut. Set up lunches with family members or call a friend that you know to be positive when you are feeling down. Personal connection and friendship can be especially enriching and rewarding when you are in the process of making a big decision or change in your life.

Create a Daily Gratitude List

Start with simple, small things and work your way up to the more significant ones. This is a great activity to incorporate into your morning to remind yourself of all that you have to look forward to for the day. This could also be a nice addition to your bedtime routine to remind yourself of all that you were grateful to have experienced during that day.

Have a Date Night

Remember to spend quality time with your significant other in order to nourish your relationship. Enjoy the simplicity and purity of the love you have for each other and make sure to authentically communicate these feelings. Going out to dinner, taking a day trip, or simply cooking and eating dinner together at home can remind you of why you wanted to expand your family in the first place.
Couple enjoying date night.

Contribute to the Community

Are you the kind of person that prefers to give gifts rather than receive them? If so, it makes sense that helping others would be the best way to cultivate a positive outlook for yourself, and a great distraction for dealing with infertility. There are plenty of resources that will help match you to a good cause that you can contribute to in your community.

Limit Your Screen Time

While it can be tempting to keep up with your news feed or share the latest meme, try limiting your screen time to a couple of hours per day. After the allotted amount of time, try transitioning to one of the activities mentioned above. Focusing on yourself and being present is going to have better long-term effects than scrolling through social media.
Developing a positive outlook on fertility and life, in general, may take some time but small steps can yield transformational results. With a positive outlook, you’ll see that more becomes possible!

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