Man Caring for Pregnant Wife As your pregnant wife goes through significant changes in her body it can bring on new challenges in your relationship you may not have expected. As she progresses along in her pregnancy she will endure a number of emotional and physical changes that you, as a partner and expecting father, should be prepared to provide support for. Here are a few important tips to remember when caring for your pregnant wife.

Take Interest in the Pregnancy

The old notion that after conception the man can sit back until the baby is born could not be further from the truth.  This approach is not helpful for either partner.  If the woman feels alone in the pregnancy, she may start to feel resentful or start to worry about having a secure and stable home for the baby.  Also, if the man takes a back seat during the pregnancy, when the baby comes he may feel unprepared.  Read up on what to expect at different stages of the pregnancy.  This will not only help you prepare yourself, but also will keep you informed on what your partner is going through and what support she might need.

Help to Relieve Her Stress

Pregnancy can be stressful for a woman for many different reasons.  Her body is going through many changes, and she is preparing for significant life changes as well.  The changes to her body can be physically painful and emotionally distressing.  Be willing to adjust house responsibilities to accommodate her level of physical ability and be sensitive to the negative feelings she may have about the way her body looks.  Your partner likely feels some amount of stress related to the change that comes with adding a new member to the family. Reassure your partner that you are ready for change and that together both of you will be able to make all necessary adjustments.  Another important factor in keeping stress down is to get enough sleep.  Your partner’s body is working on overdrive all the time.  Encourage her to take time to rest and to get to bed early.  A great way to do this is to adjust your own sleeping schedule to an earlier bedtime time as well.


You are not going to be able to maintain a regime of caring for somebody else if you do not care for yourself as well.  Make sure that you are making time in your day to attend to your own needs.  This might include exercise, sleep, spending time with family or friends, or simply having down time where you relax and put aside responsibilities for a couple of hours.  This will be very important when the baby comes as well.  If you take care of yourself and encourage your partner to take care of herself, caring for the baby will be a lot easier.

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