It can be a challenge to get kids ready for school and out the door in time to catch the bus. These easy breakfast suggestions will help you give your kids the nutrition they need without sacrificing taste or time!

Grilled To Go

A hot breakfast is a great way to start the day, especially when favorite ingredients are combined into a warm and filling breakfast sandwich. Start with a toasted bagel, English muffin or whole wheat bread. Cook up an egg so that the yolk is cooked through, and place it on your toasted choice of bread. Add protein in the form of bacon or ham along with cheddar or cream cheese for a nutritious breakfast that will keep them going all morning long.

Layered and Delicious

Breakfasts with a few layers are a delicious and colorful treat. Use a tall glass or an ice cream dish to layer yogurt, granola and fruit to create a healthy breakfast that looks like a dessert. Encourage your kids to play around with different ingredients, like a variety of cereals, yogurt flavors, and fruit like sliced bananas or fresh blueberries.

If you’re in a hurry, keep the yogurt in its container and add fruit or preserves along with a small amount of honey for an extra kick. Add roasted almonds, peanuts or pecans for added crunch and protein. This filling breakfast is nutritious and easy to transport!

Better Than a Burrito

Flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, diced meat and shredded cheese have become an increasingly popular breakfast option that might take too much time to make and assemble. Instead, consider grilling up a quick quesadilla with shredded cheese and cooked bacon or diced ham. For more of a sweet-centered breakfast, use peanut butter or cream cheese with sliced apples, bananas or strawberries for a quick, fun alternative.

Pizza for Breakfast

Mini-pizzas for breakfast are delicious and can be nutritious. Use English muffins or bagels and cover with pizza sauce if desired. Top with your choice of cheese, meats, and vegetables for a quick and filling breakfast that’s also good on the run!

A Smooth Alternative

Smoothies are wonderful for getting kids to take in the nutrition that they need. In a blender, mix regular or Greek yogurt that’s higher in protein, and add different kinds of fresh or frozen fruit as desired along with milk. Blend until the consistency is smooth and creamy, then serve for a refreshing breakfast!

Fix Food Ahead of Time

It’s great for kids and adults to have a full breakfast before heading out in the morning, but it can be difficult to make time for it during busy mornings. Instead of making breakfast each morning, fix a large batch of breakfast food on a Sunday morning, like scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes or French toast. Package these up so that they can be reheated and eaten over the next few days, saving you time without sacrificing nutrition!

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