Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience: the sweet pitter-patter of tiny feet in your tummy, the hours of daydreaming as you nest your home into perfection, the pool of sweat filling up in your too-snug nursing bra, the swollen Fred Flintstone feet that won’t squeeze into your flip flops anymore. It sounds like you’re experiencing everything that summer pregnancy has to offer!

Until you start growing your own little personal incubator, you never actually know how uncomfortable the summer months can be. Between swelling, sweating, and skin safety, the summertime just doesn’t seem as relaxing as it always use to be. But don’t worry! With these summer pregnancy tips and tricks, your natural pregnancy glow will no longer be just a glistening sheen of summer sweat dripping off your face.

1. Keep Exercising

It’s extremely beneficial for you and your baby to make sure that you’re still getting enough exercise when you’re pregnant. Something as simple as walking can do great things for you physically and mentally. Unfortunately, during the summer, the window of enjoying a comfortable walk seems to be much smaller than the other seasons of the year. If you can handle pungent body odor with your supersonic olfactory glands, then the treadmill at the air-conditioned gym might be an option for you when looking for pregnancy activities to keep you moving. However, nothing beats a gorgeous sunrise or sunset when the heat of the day isn’t at its peak. Whether you prefer to get up with the sun or take a relaxing stroll after dinner, throw on something light and flowy and enjoy a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

2. Deal with Swelling

So, you went on your walk but your feet, ankles, and legs ballooned up so much, you feel like you could be the main attraction at the Macy’s Day Parade. But … eureka! You remembered that you stashed a little secret in your freezer! What secret? Rice packs. After putting these bad boys in the microwave for a couple minutes, you recall them doing wonders on those pesky menstrual cramps. The good news is, they work wonders when cooled down too! Simply keep them stored in your freezer, then put them on your elevated ankles or around your neck for an instant cool-down. Some of them are even made with essential oils for added relaxation. You can even feel good by supporting small businesses by ordering your very own, custom rice pack. Tricks like this can do wonders for your summer pregnancy, during some of the hottest months of the year.

3. Remember to Relax

Another great way to chill out in the summer is to do it just like everybody else does … at the pool, of course! Not only will a dip in the pool feel oh-so refreshing, but the water will take pressure off your joints and muscles so your entire body can relax. You can do some mild resistance exercises, swim for some light cardio, or – our personal favorite –  grab a huge inflatable floatie and simply do nothing while enjoying the cool water! After all, your body is growing a whole person so technically you’re still doing more work than most, right?

If you don’t have access to a pool, snag a small kiddie pool for cheap and plop yourself in with a good book and some iced tea. The best part? You’ll have a tiny bundle of joy this time next year who will love to splash around with mommy in that little blue plastic investment. While enjoying your summer pregnancy in the pool, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that hormonal changes during pregnancy does increase the melanin in your skin, so always remember to slather up with pregnancy-safe sunscreen, throw on a hat, and don’t stay out in the sun too long. Even if you don’t usually tend to burn quickly, carrying around that precious cargo changes just about everything when it comes to what use to be normal for you.

4. Embrace Your Confidence

Speaking of changes, you may be having some insecurities about your new body and how it will look in a swimsuit. Certain areas might look and feel different because of the changes that your body is going through during this pregnancy such as stretch marks, swollen areas, and even not being able to move like you use to. The best thing that you can do is to remember that you are growing life and taking care of yourself is much more important than worrying about what people are going to think. With the grueling summer heat taking a toll on your pregnant body, the last thing you need is to sweat over the small stuff. So, get out of those itchy maternity pants and put on something where you can really feel the breeze, then strut your stuff because chances are, you are one hot mama … and not just because it’s 100 degrees outside!

The summer months can be some of the hottest months to grow a human, but chances are you have gained plenty of advice when looking to overcome these hot pregnancy days. To assist you through the summertime as a soon to be mother, the staff at Red Rock Fertility Center wants to help you get ready for your beautiful journey to motherhood, no matter what the temperature is!

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