As the end of 2018 approaches, along with the winter holidays before the new year, we sometimes forget what we are truly thankful for when the hustle and bustle of life takes over. And, if you’re a couple going through the journey of infertility, then it sometimes becomes even more difficult to be thankful for the life you are living.
Red Rock Fertility Center is not only here to help you physically through your infertility journey, but we’re here to help you mentally through your journey as well. What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about your partner? How has your relationship and your lifestyle changed? Give thanks this November for the journey that you and your partner have embarked on in an effort to grow your family, and give thanks for the precious moments you will have once your family has grown!

Giving Thanks through Infertility for my Relationship

Remembering that you’re not going through this infertility journey alone is the first way to give thanks this holiday season. Not only do you have Dr. Littman and the team at Red Rock Fertility Center, but you also have your partner to hold your hand through a tough time. Having a partner by your side to understand what this journey is all about is half the battle. We’re not saying there won’t be hard times in your relationship when faced with infertility, but overcoming that as a couple and strengthening your relationship because of it is a truly amazing thing.
During your infertility journey, get to know your significant other a little better. What works as a stress reliever for your partner? What are some hobbies you can do together to get your mind of things? How can you make each other laugh every single day? Take this time to really learn more about one another. Learn more about how you both will be during parenthood! Even though this is a tough journey, it’s still a journey that will shape who you are as an individual and how you move forward as a couple.

Giving Thanks through Infertility for my Friends & Family

Having a strong support system outside your relationship is a must! Give thanks for your friends and family that have been with you through this infertility journey. Maybe at times they didn’t always know what to say or how to say it, but they never walked away. Just having someone you love close by is a necessary source of support and love. Having friends and family by your side who understand you as an individual can help you get excited about becoming a parent. Keep your spirits high by discussing future plans for your family and how excited you are to take on the job of parenthood.
Throughout your journey it also helps to reach outside your friends and family, and form new bonds with women and men going through the same experience. Talking through the tough things while gaining advice can be extremely helpful. Plus, it never hurts to have more friends!
In an effort to find new friends going down the same path as you, there are a variety of online and in-person support groups across the country that offer general support and information, specific treatments and options that you are currently going through, and general questions and answering. Just remember that you are not alone on this journey!

Two friends hugging while enjoying coffeeGiving Thanks through Infertility for a New Lifestyle

Going through infertility is no easy journey, but it does present the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle for the better. As you consult with your doctor about infertility treatments, you might also be advised to take matters into your own hands when it comes to more natural ways to increase fertility.
Getting more exercise and eating the right foods is one of the top ways to help naturally increase your fertility chances – and right now is perfect to make New Year’s resolutions! Dedicating a few days a week to going to the gym is a great way to develop a new healthy hobby will make you feel great personally – and your body will thank you for all the extra work you’ve been putting in.
When it comes to eating healthy, sometimes it’s hard to stray away from your all time favorites. Take this time to really consider what you’re putting into your body. Ultimately, when your body feels better, you feel better as a whole! There are plenty of fertility-boosting foods out there to pick from, so maybe you can use this journey to become more crafty in the kitchen. Learn more about the healthy foods that you enjoy and how you can spice up your routine in the kitchen!

Giving Thanks through Infertility for Yourself

It’s difficult to look at the positives when it comes to infertility, but remaining positive during this journey can change your outlook on life, the life you’re looking to bring into the world, and yourself. Take this time to self-reflect on how you can turn your infertility journey into a positive one.
During your appointments with your fertility specialist, really take the time to understand what all your options are, ask questions, and do some self-reflecting. How will your treatment choice affect you? How will you feel if it doesn’t take the first time at all? Are you prepared to explore other options? Use this time to strengthen yourself and power through the hard times to get to the good times!
Feeling positive about yourself is an important first step, and remaining positive through your infertility journey is equally as important. Once you’ve made it through the tough times and reflect on your journey, you can enjoy your new family even more. Make it a point to talk to your future children about your journey and how you kept your head up through the good times and the bad times.
Even though this journey is a long and winding road, you must look at the positives that you can gain from it. Give thanks for your partner, give thanks for your doctor, give thanks for the options that are available to help you grow a family, and give thanks to yourself for being so strong! Finding the positive behind each tough moment in our lives is something to be thankful for. Red Rock Fertility wants to give thanks for the wonderful patients, people, and families who have walked through our fertility center door.

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