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If you know a new parent around the holiday season, this is the ideal time to find some gifts that will make their lives a little easier. From gift ideas for new parents to useful gifts they can use with their baby, check out this guide of cute, useful, and helpful gifts that every new parent would appreciate.


Useful Gifts for Parents


Babysitting Gift Card

Getting away for a few hours is definitely a gift that any parent will appreciate, especially new parents. The average babysitting rate in 2020 was $17.73 for one child and $20.30 for two children, so keep that in mind!


Coffee Mug Warmer

One of the curses of parenthood is that a warm cup of coffee is more of a fantasy than a reality. The coffee is brewed, poured, then put down for hours as parenting happens until the coffee goes cold. A mug warmer is the perfect solution.


GPS Item Locator

For new parents, their minds are already all over the place – and their items are too. Lost car keys, remotes, bags, etc. are just a few stresses a new parent doesn’t need on their already-full plate. Give the gift of sanity with handy GPS locators.


Instant Pot

Time is of the essence as a new parent, and so is ease! Parents already notoriously rarely have time for meals, but a multi-purpose pressure cooker can make meal prep more of a breeze during hectic times.


Keepsake Calendar

Keeping track of baby’s first year is a special gift to give new parents, and something that they will cherish forever. There are many designs and styles available that can also be personalized for an extra-special gift.


New Parents Making Food from Meal Delivery Service


Meal Delivery Service

Again, meal time for new parents can definitely be a struggle. Going to the grocery store can be even more of a struggle. A one-time or subscription food delivery service can both alleviate stress and create an at-home date night.


Natural Sleep Aid

Perhaps avoid giving supplements like melatonin, but other sleep aids like calming pillow spray, epsom salt bubble bath, a luxurious face mask, or a weighted blanket can all be godsends for sleep-deprived new parents.


Postpartum Recovery Kit

If you are buying new parents gifts for someone who has just recently given birth, a postpartum recovery gift is not only extremely useful, it is also extremely thoughtful. You can either put together your own kit or buy one already made.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Just like every other chore, vacuuming is one of those tasks that can easily be swept under the rug when parenting duties pick up. A robot vacuum cleaner will help new parents keep a cleaner home and have less on their chore list.


Spa Certificate

Just like a babysitting gift card, giving the gift of “me time” to new parents is a nice break from hectic life. Nursing, constantly carrying around a baby, and a lack of sleep are all reasons you will be loved for a trip to the spa.


New Mom Feeding Baby Homemade Baby Food


Useful Gifts for Babies


Baby Food Maker

If you know some new parents who like spending time in the kitchen, a baby food maker is just the thing that allows them to practice their craft while also saving money on store-bought baby food.


Bath Kit

There are a lot of supplies new parents need to buy for their babies, and it’s easy to forget to buy one thing or lose another. A bath kit neatly packages together everything parents will need for a fuss-free bathtime.


Bottle Sterilizer

Having clean bottles is very important, but cleaning and drying bottles can be a pain – and can easily clutter the kitchen. A bottle sterilizer makes the task much easier and ensures bottles are the cleanest and safest they can be.


Diaper Subscription

Especially in the early months, babies grow out of their diapers very quickly. They also use a lot! A diaper subscription means not having to worry about supply at home or having to search the store for the right sizes.


Electric Nail File

Trimming a baby’s nails with nail clippers can be a daunting task. As the new parents in your life are already tasked with worrying about enough daunting things, help make nail clipping a bit easier with a gentler and easier electric nail file.


New Father Checking Baby on Smart Baby Monitor


Smart Baby Monitor

Though a bit on the pricier side, this is one of those new parents gifts that will be used and appreciated for years to come. Baby monitors have come a long way and now include things like heart rate, sleep tracking, and more.


Sound Machine

Finding and understanding a sleep schedule for a baby is definitely one of the biggest struggles with new parenthood. A sound machine can help create a more relaxing sleep environment for baby – which means better sleep for parents.


Swaddling Blankets

This is the go-to choice for useful gifts for parents, and for good reason. Swaddling blankets help provide comfort and a sense of safety for babies, and there is no such thing as too many swaddling blankets, especially easy ones.


To-Go Changing Station

Sometimes, …stuff happens even when you’re on the road. A portable changing station makes those moments a little easier, comfier, and a lot more stylish. This gift for new parents makes the prettiest of a messy situation.


Pacifier Thermometer

Standard thermometers aren’t the most fun for babies, and equally not fun for parents to use. Thermometers are always an important tool for parenthood, and this pacifier version is the perfect wellness gift.


This holiday season, follow this list of useful gifts for parents to make their lives a bit easier. Things are already pretty hectic, and for new parents, any help is much appreciated. Your generosity will help the holidays be happy and healthy for their growing family!

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