Pregnancy can be stressful on a woman’s body, so shouldn’t you do everything you can to make her feel comfortable, supported, and loved throughout her pregnancy? We certainly think so. That’s why we’ve created this list of holiday gift ideas for expecting mothers! These gifts are sure to pamper her as she waits for her little one to make his or her first appearance in the world.
expecting mother during holidays

First Sonogram Frame ($10-20)

She’ll have plenty of pictures to around the house once the baby arrives. But until then, why not frame the first sonogram printout? It’ll be a nice reminder that the morning sickness and sore feet will all be worth it in the end!

Whole Body Pillow ($40-60)

Brands like Leachco offer total body pillows specifically designed for pregnant women and deliver the right kind of support and comfort to afford her a full night of restful sleep. Soon-to-be moms often report they don’t know how they would have lived without their total body pillow!

Nutrition Book ($20)

There are tons on the market today, but we love What to Eat When You’re Pregnant by Nicole M. Avena. This book provides a week-to-week guide designed to support the nutritional requirements of both mom and baby while focusing heavily on the baby’s development at all critical stages.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet ($59)

Once mom begins buying baby food she’ll want to find a more economical way to feed her little one. Baby food can get expensive in no time, but the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet allows parents to whip up an entire week’s supply of baby food in about five minutes. The system comes with the mixer/blender, storage containers, kid-friendly cups, and a nutritionist-created food preparation guide.

Pregnancy Keepsake Journal ($15)

During the nine months of pregnancy, the days often seem long but the months are short. Ensure the soon-to-be mom in your life has a place to record all her memories and thoughts throughout the pregnancy by gifting her a keepsake journal. She can keep it in her purse, her car, or at home, and jot down ideas, thoughts, and anecdotes along the way.
woman writing in journal

iRobot Floor Mopping System ($250)

This is a more extravagant gift that you might want to split with others, but it will bring a smile to your expectant friend or family member’s face every time they see it hop into action. The iRobot 380t quickly, efficiently, and automatically cleans hard floor surfaces – something that is quite tricky to do if you’re in the second or third trimester. Plus, a clean home is a major uplift for the spirits, something that might be needed during the pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage ($50-100)

Aches, pains, and creaky joints are a normal part of being a mother-to-be, but you can provide some relief by gifting a much-needed prenatal massage to your friend or family member. Find a location that offers baby-safe spa treatments and massages. Then, schedule the lucky recipient for a relaxing and therapeutic session. Have lunch afterward and make an afternoon out of it.
woman getting massage

Bath Bomb Gift Set ($20-30)

These effervescent, scented bath tablets deliver an aromatherapy session in the mom-to-be’s bathtub. Expectant women can take some of the weight off their joints and create a relaxing and soothing spa experience right in the comfort of their own home.

Custom Christmas Ornaments ($5-15)

Create memories before the little one arrives by customizing an ornament or two and delivering it to your loved one before the holidays. A “First Christmas” ornament will be cherished as a family keepsake, and it can be passed down from generation to generation.

Maternity Photo Shoot (Price Varies)

Help the mom-to-be to create amazing memories that can be shared with her new son or daughter by gifting a maternity photo shoot. She’ll look back fondly on this time in her life, and odds are that few pictures will be taken during this stage in her life. It’s usually once the baby arrives that the cameras come out.
If you feel honored to be a part of your friend or family member’s life, consider showing your admiration with one of these incredible gifts. A little baby is right around the corner and will be a shared joy for all to behold.

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