If your ultimate dream is to start a family, nothing should keep you from making that dream possible. With today’s expanding technology and support, sexual preference does not inhibit anyone from having the family they’ve always wanted. As a LGBTQ couple, you have plenty of options to choose from to get that sweet little bundle of joy in the loving arms of you and your partner!

Who Will Carry the Baby?

For gay male couples or lesbian couples who are considering a gestational carrier, our staff at Red Rock Fertility Center can refer you to our trusted list of surrogacy agencies. For lesbian couples, we would use the eggs of one partner, fertilized by a donor sperm, then implant the embryo into a gestational carrier. For gay male couples, we would use donor eggs and sperm from either or both partners and implant the embryo into your surrogate.
If you’d like, you can select your donor eggs from our in-house egg donor program. We’ve created this egg donor database for prospective parents to filter through various, qualified donor options and find the one that best meets their criteria. We want the selection process to be as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible, which is why we also offer egg donor partner facilities to choose from. We also partner with trusted sperm banks so you can choose a sperm donor that meets your specific needs and wishes. Know that the staff at Red Rock Fertility Center is readily available to answer any concerns, questions, or speak with you about your options.
There are several other options for lesbian women if you or your partner would like to experience the joys of pregnancy rather than use a surrogate:

  • Use eggs of one partner, fertilized by a donor sperm, and implant the embryo into the other partner.
  • Use eggs from both partners, fertilized by a donor sperm, and implant the embryo into one chosen partner.
  • Use eggs from both partners, fertilized by a donor sperm, and implant the embryo into both partners.
  • Use both donor eggs and donor sperm and implant the embryo into one chosen partner.

With the advancement of technology and reproductive medicines, you and your partner have numerous options for expanding your family. For some relatable motivation, take a look at Melissa and Tsikki’s adorable baby, Mikaela, and listen to their IVF success story (you might shed a few happy tears so grab some tissues!).Same sex, female couple admiring their ultrasound photo of their baby.

Which Treatment is Right for You?

After deciding how the baby will be carried, you still need to make the decision on how they will be inseminated. Some of your options include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI):
*IVF – IVF is the process of manually combining sperm with an egg in a laboratory dish and the embryo is then transferred into the uterus. The entire process involves four different steps (Egg Stimulation, Retrieval, Fertilization, and Transfer), and takes about 4 – 6 weeks from start to finish. This is the most common choice for LGBTQ couples.
*IUI – IUI process removes the hurdle of the sperm having to swim through the cervix. The donor sperm would first be washed and concentrated, then placed in a transfer catheter. The catheter is then inserted through the cervix and the sperm is injected, where they’re able to swim right up to the fallopian tubes where they can fertilize with the egg.
Every family is unique, but all couples who visit Red Rock Fertility Center share one common dream: having happy, healthy babies. With the support of the most trusted fertility experts out there, Red Rock Fertility Center wants to make your experiences as comfortable and stress-free as possible. For more information, Red Rock Fertility Center offers free Fertility Seminars to answer any questions you might have before making any big decisions. The next seminar is on September 22nd, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. followed by another seminar on November 17th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Growing families of the seminars will receive fertility information, a tour of the Red Rock facility, and $100 off their initial consultation. These seminars are a great way to make you feel more comfortable  about alternate conceptions.
Take some time to discuss what feels right for you and your partner, then schedule a consultation with the staff at Red Rock Fertility Center by calling 702. 749.4676 or filling out a consultation form. Congratulations to you and your partner on taking the first initial step towards growing a beautiful family!

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