You’ve made the powerful decision to begin fertility treatments, and now the reality of the process is becoming clearer by the minute. You’ll have to consider the costs involved, the upcoming medical procedures, scheduling your appointments around your other responsibilities, and more.
For most individuals, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is cost. But there is more to fertility treatment than sheer economics. You’ll also want to think about the quality of care, reputation of the clinic, historical success rates across all treatment options, and where the clinic is located. If the best option for you isn’t in your hometown, fertility tourism might be the answer. Las Vegas has emerged as a top choice for those seeking affordable, high-quality care.

Why Should You Visit Las Vegas?

The quality of fertility care, travel costs involved, and the uncertainty of a foreign clinic are the top reasons for domestic fertility tourism. Las Vegas has emerged as a leading destination for those seeking quality fertility treatments at affordable prices. The reason? Las Vegas is a major destination for tourism and a hub for international business. This means hotel costs are generally lower compared to other major cities, and the breadth of services in the area is quite high. There is a strong and professional medical presence in the area, too, with many of the nation’s leading physicians calling Las Vegas home.
Las Vegas offers hotels and extended stay residences that are minutes from an internationally-renowned fertility clinic, and the Las Vegas area is a family-friendly getaway for spouses, kids, or other family members who may be traveling with the patient.

What Should You Look for in a Clinic?

Not all fertility clinics are created equally, so it pays to do some research and talk with several possible offices before committing to a decision. Here are a few questions to ask when narrowing down your choice:

  • How long has this clinic been in business? Are they new to the area, but they’ve been in business in other parts of the state or county? If a fertility clinic is brand new, you may want to double-check their previous experience in the field. The fertility industry is one that rewards experience. Use online tools or consult professional organizations to certify that the embryologists and reproductive endocrinologists are properly certified, too.
  • What percentage of the business is dedicated to the main areas of fertility treatment? Surrogacy, IVF, or egg donation? Ensure the clinic you’re considering has plenty of experience and positive outcomes in the area you feel may be right for you. If you don’t feel that they have the experience necessary, continue researching other options.
  • What will the overall cost be for treatment – including the related costs of staying locally? Has the clinic defined the absolute minimum and maximum cost possible for your chosen fertility treatment? You need to know what you’ll be responsible for at each step.


Why Should You Consider Red Rock Fertility Center?

Red Rock Fertility Center in Las Vegas is a modern, boutique-style fertility center committed to providing the highest in patient care and fertility treatment outcomes for our valued patients in the Las Vegas area. Our Medical Travel Concierge program is custom-tailored to the individual needs of the patient and her family and offers a seamless process that manages hotel reservations, transportation, pre- and post-treatment medical and wellness care, and even family and spousal activities in the area. In addition to the top-notch service, patients can also expect /high first-cycle success rates
The idea is to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment in which to manage the fertility treatment process, as stress is one of the leading inhibitors to a successful pregnancy. The medical practitioners and concierge team at Red Rock Fertility Center can help those traveling to the Las Vegas area feel at home and supported throughout each step of the fertility treatment.

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