There have been a number of recent articles in the news about cellphones and the radiation they release.  If you have time, please read this article.

Basically, cellphones receive and send their signals via an electro-magnetic field (EMF).  This EMF is a form of radiation.  During the past year, scientific data has started to come out linking cellphone use to a variety of problems ranging from brain cancer to hip fractures.  One of the areas that has come up is fertility.

Men and women that carry cell phones in their pockets can have decreased fertility

Many people carry their cellphone in their pocket and it has been seen that men who do this have lower sperm counts and women have lower egg quality.  I will post more on this subject as time goes by, but it may be a good idea to keep your phone in your purse and if you are at home or the office, keep it a few feet away from you.  I am sure we will learn more about the effects of cellphone EMF as time goes by, but fertility is fragile and I can easily see how radiation can make things more difficult for a person who is already dealing with infertility.

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