Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th. While it’s a day to celebrate fathers and fathers-to-be, it can serve as another reminder of their struggles with infertility. If you are coping with infertility, it may seem hard to get through this popular holiday. Here, we will share some tips for men on how to approach this Father’s Day and how to positively go through the journey they have ahead of them.

Tip 1: Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do when coping with infertility. When you’re going through hard times, it’s easy to overlook the basics of getting proper sleep, diet, and exercise. This Father’s Day, keep moving. Exercise boosts your serotonin levels, sending “feel good” vibes to your brain. Obtaining enough sleep and having a healthy, nutrient-rich diet allows your body a chance to properly repair itself. Another crucial part of self care is being kind to yourself. Despite what the devil on your shoulder may tell you, infertility does not define who you are. Although it may not seem like it at times, this is all temporary. Hold steadfast onto your passions and things that give you a greater sense of purpose. Find a hobby. Learn something new. Do something! If you allow it, this experience can transform your pain, and your life, for the better.

Tip 2: Lean On Others For Support

Don’t suffer in silence during this sensitive time. While supporting yourself is important, it’s simply not enough. Many men internalize their emotions. A support system can come in many different forms for men coping with infertility. Perhaps it’s a friend who has been through similar struggles, or maybe it’s speaking with a professional like a therapist or coach and enjoying full confidentiality. Infertility support groups for men are great place to share details about your experience in a safe environment where others understand what you’re going through.

Young daughters celebrating their father on Father’s Day.

Tip 3: You’re In It Together

Manage your expectations with your spouse or partner. Expecting them to know what you’re thinking and how to help you cope with it will only lead to disappointment. Rather than expect them to read your mind, communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly and focus on your growth as a couple. Going on a weekend getaway, getting to know each other’s’ passions, and spending quality time together are just a few ways you can distract yourself from Father’s Day and focus on the love you’ve built.

Tip 4: Celebrate Other Fathers

This Father’s Day, choose to focus on and celebrate all of the important dads in your life, whether it be your own, a father-in-law, or simply a father you admire. Shift away from what you think Father’s Day should look like and choose to focus on the fathers in your life that are worthy of celebration. Whoever it is, use the planning and preparation as a tool to fill you with gratitude instead of inadequacy.

Tip 5: Distract Yourself

Surround yourself with friends and family who know about your situation, are supportive, and will take your mind off celebrating Father’s Day. Spend the day on the golf course, go on a trip, or dine at a nice restaurant to create a full agenda and stick to it.

There are many different ways to cope with infertility during Father’s Day. If you’re still having a hard time during your infertility process, the Red Rock Fertility Center and staff is here for you throughout every step of the way. Make an appointment with Dr. Littman today to get your questions answered.

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