Congratulations are in order for Dr. Littman. The U.S. Small Business Association has named her this year’s Nevada State Small Business Person of the Year for her outstanding work in the community, Las Vegas, and the state of Nevada.

To be eligible for the award, nominees have to own and operate a small business and be nominated by one of their peers or colleagues. A judges’ panel evaluates a number of merit-based factors, including response to adversity, contributions to the community, and an innovativeness of service or product. These attributes, among others, are what Dr. Littman and her staff stand for as a whole and uphold at Red Rock Fertility Center.

As a result of this distinctive honor, Dr. Littman will be recognized during Small Business Week in Washington, D.C. Small Business Week has been a national recognition of America’s small business owners and entrepreneurs since the early 1960s. It focuses on the fundamentals of hard work, ingenuity, and adaptability of those who have persevered and succeeded in their respective industries.


The Growth of Red Rock Fertility Center

This high honor furthers the credibility Dr. Littman has within Las Vegas, but also the effect she has on a statewide and nationwide level. Previous patients have spoken to the excellent care Dr. Littman and her staff have provided during what can be a difficult or frustrating time.

The extra attention and personalized care offered through Red Rock Fertility Center have helped it grow into the business it is today. Dr. Littman recently made a significant expansion and renovation to harbor a welcoming and serene environment for couples who want to expand their families.

It is a 12,800 square-foot building, which is twice the size of the former facility and has been designed to provide both an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly space. It is regulated for optimal air quality and is decorated with Himalayan salt lamps to help further purify the air.

The facility also accesses the latest technology for the best treatment possible. In addition to an advanced IVF lab and operating rooms, amenities also include areas for acupressure and acupuncture for the comfort and wellness of all patients.

The excitement of a state-recognized award is a testament to the diligent work Dr. Littman has put into her practice and the efforts she has made within the community, but the reward of helping people grow their families and make what may have seemed impossible possible is the true motivation behind the continued excellence of her work.

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