Coping with Infertility

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How to Maintain Relationships During the Fertility Journey

Going through the fertility journey can be taxing both physically and emotionally, which can lead to strains on relationships. Between nurturing your friendships to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner, it can seem impossible to make everyone (and yourself) happy during the journey. Learn how you can improve these relationships with a new mindset […]

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Determining When to See a Fertility Specialist

Struggling to get pregnant can lead to many stressful and sleepless nights, especially if you don’t know what could be causing it or which steps to take moving forward. Learn more about signs of infertility in men and women to ease your uncertainties and determine when to see a fertility specialist.   Signs of Infertility […]

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National Infertility Awareness Week: How to Support Your Friend

Currently, from April 19-25, we celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week. In light of this week it is important to acknowledge that infertility knows no boundaries. It affects males and females around the world that come from various backgrounds, of many ages. Chances are, someone you know is dealing with infertility. Reaching out to a friend […]

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Stress and Infertility: What’s the Connection?

The effects of anxiety on your overall health are widely known and researched, but anxiety in relation to fertility is less talked about. Read below for more information on the research found on this topic and how it may be affecting your chances at conceiving – along with tips on how to deal with stress […]

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21 Celebrity Infertility Stories & Experiences

Many are shocked to know their favorite celebrities also experienced a journey with fertilization treatments. From implantation issues to miscarriages, celebrity parents go through many of the same infertility struggles as average parents. Read below to learn more about celebrity infertility struggles, their experience through the IVF process, and how they successfully grew their families. […]

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Learning More About Fertility Hormones & Your Body

Starting a family can be a difficult process and understanding the medical factors is part of this process. It is helpful to learn more about your hormones and how they affect your body, your fertility, and your everyday life. When most people hear the word “hormones” they think of kids becoming adults, acne, moodiness, maybe […]

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The Difference Between Primary and Secondary Infertility

Even though the causes and treatments of primary and secondary infertility are nearly the same, the circumstances and emotions felt can be very different from each other. Primary infertility refers to couples who have not been able to become pregnant after twelve months of having sex without using any form of birth control. This includes […]

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What to Do After Your Infertility Diagnosis

After hearing your infertility diagnosis, moving forward may seem impossible. But, you can also feel empowered after an infertility diagnosis. By surrounding yourself with supportive people, turning to a reputable clinic for fertility help, and educating yourself and your family, you can move forward in a positive and productive way. Let’s look at healthy ways […]

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How to Support Your Partner Through Fertility Treatment

Undergoing fertility treatment is an exciting time and changes both partner’s lives. Learning how to support each other during this journey will help you both celebrate the successes and find comfort in the hardships. Open communication, romantic gestures, and unyielding support will remind your partner that you’re by their side throughout the process of coping […]

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What Are Your Financing Options for Fertility Treatment?

Making the decision to seek fertility treatment is an exciting one. You’ve taken the first step in expanding your family! The second step is deciding how to finance that treatment – and you may have more fertility aid options than you realize. From multiple credit options to grants to insurance coverage, there are many options […]

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How to Cope with Infertility During Thanksgiving

For most people, the holiday season is full of festivity, cheer, and good times. But for couples coping with infertility, Thanksgiving and the holiday season can be a little harder. A lot of activities are very family, and child, focused but with a few simple considerations, you can get more out of this holiday season […]

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Supporting Emotional Wellness Month

October is the month for Emotional Wellness – a key concept to embrace for all infertile couples looking to increase their odds of starting a family How much time do you spend thinking about your own emotional wellness? Have you ever thought about your emotional wellness? If you’re like most individuals, you spend enough time […]

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How to Think Positively About Infertility

A crucial part of coping with infertility is maintaining a positive attitude. Benefits of a positive attitude include reduced stress levels, improved overall health, and an increase in general happiness, all of which benefit fertility. While it may seem easier said than done, there are some steps you can take and small changes you can […]

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Becoming a Better Listener

Amazingly, 10% of women across the US will struggle with fertility issues during their lifetime. That means that at any given point there are millions of women who are quietly trying to start a family, and that doesn’t even begin to take into account the countless men who find themselves in the same situation. Infertility, […]

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Coping with Infertility on Valentine's Day

February rolls in and it is impossible to miss all the stores filled with red hearts, pink flowers, and paper cupids; here comes another Valentine’s Day.  All major holidays can present an element of stress, along with celebration, but Valentine’s Day can be especially challenging for those struggling with infertility issues. Instead of focusing on […]

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Infertility: How Family & Friends Can Help

Infertility can prove challenging at different stages for those directly involved. But it can also be difficult for friends and family members of the couple. While you’ll want to maintain sensitivity and awareness when speaking about infertility, it is important to address the emotional stress between infertile couples and their friends and family. Do so […]

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