February rolls in and it is impossible to miss all the stores filled with red hearts, pink flowers, and paper cupids; here comes another Valentine’s Day.  All major holidays can present an element of stress, along with celebration, but Valentine’s Day can be especially challenging for those struggling with infertility issues. Instead of focusing on infertility this Valentine’s Day, make it all about celebrating togetherness.

couple on valentines day

Making Valentine’s Day Work for You

The beauty of the holiday is that it can be all about the couple.  It’s of the few holidays that doesn’t revolve around family and children. It’s a chance to celebrate the romantic love between two people. Take this day to cherish and love your partner, separated from your ongoing infertility challenges. If you’re looking for ways to approach Valentine’s Day that can help you and your partner feel closer, stronger, and even more in love, here are a few suggestions.

Take a Break

Mindfully set aside the daily stresses of life and give you and your partner the gift of focusing on your love, connection, and commitment to each other. Consider indulging in a whole day free of conversations about fertility. Instead, consciously choose to talk about upcoming trips or events, passions, and interests, or discuss fond memories. A day of romance and love can fill the spirit, invigorate tired emotions, and reduce counterproductive stress.

Enjoy a Meal Out

For those seeking a romantic meal out, without a restaurant crowded with children, this is your night! While it’s not a guarantee that all restaurants will be child-free zones, it’s more likely on Valentine’s Day. Pick a nicer restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and enjoy a meal with other couples who are wrapped up in the joy of their twosome-ness. A meal away from the pressures of home could be just what your relationship needs.

valentines day dinner

Keep it Lighthearted

Reduce the stress and pressure of Valentine’s Day by taking the lighthearted approach. Choose an activity filled with laughter and remove yourselves from the daily stresses of life. Book tickets for your local comedy club, indulge in a silly movie or plan a fun game night with other couples. Laughter is truly the best medicine; proven to reduce stress and cortisol levels – creating a happier and healthier you. Divert your day away from the serious and overtly romantic, and instead cry joyful tears while laughing the night away.

Pay it Forward

Maybe you’re looking for a way to make the day memorable with a different type of positive experience.  Consider a service project for others. It is all too easy to get lost in our personal struggles and challenges. The best way to escape this is to pay it forward and help another.

couple volunteering together

Perhaps you and your loved one can visit a home for the elderly, provide a hot meal for a community member or visit those spending their Valentine’s Day in a hospital. Dedicate your attention to the needs of others on this day of love, and leave feeling filled with the joy of being of service to others. You may be surprised at the relief you feel by taking a day away from your own worries, and instead channeling that energy into helping another.

Whichever way you choose to spend Valentine’s Day this year, remember to approach the day with compassion for yourself, with appreciation for all you and your partner have overcome, and the knowledge that this big holiday is just another day of the year where you can demonstrate how much you love the special person in your life.

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