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From October 31st to January 1st, people are caught up with the festivities of the season. From trick-or-treating to family gatherings to cute photos of babies with bows, this time of year tends to have a heavy focus on children. 

When you are struggling to get pregnant, getting through the holidays can be tough. Understanding how to take care of yourself can help you enjoy the season and find some holiday cheer. Follow these tips to help you cope with infertility during the holidays.


Tips for Coping with the Holidays and Infertility


Give Yourself a Break

Wanting a baby and not succeeding in your efforts can impact your whole life. It’s hard to have much holiday spirit when you feel so discouraged. Acknowledge your feelings and cut yourself some slack if you don’t feel so festive this year.


Set Healthy Boundaries

Because of your infertility during the holidays, gatherings with friends and family and parties with young children may just add salt to your wound. Don’t feel like you have to accept every invitation. Put in an appearance, but let friends and relatives know that you aren’t up for a marathon holiday event.


Plan Adult-Only Activities

Though Santa breakfasts and family tree-trimming parties abound, try to find alternatives for you and your partner. Plan a night at the symphony or treat yourself to a four-course meal at a fancy restaurant. These settings are geared for adults, so you won’t have to subject yourself to little kids and their parents. Not only will these activities offer you a much-needed break from little ones, they will also boost your mood and help you cope with infertility.


Have Conversations with Loved Ones

If you feel comfortable speaking with someone about your infertility journey, connecting and having a conversation may help alleviate some of the emotions you are feeling. Infertility can sometimes feel isolating, especially during the holidays, so talking through your feelings and having someone on your side can be comforting. Don’t be afraid to seek support if it is something you need.


Remember Those Less Fortunate

When you are dealing with holidays and infertility, it can be difficult to see past your own pain. This time of year, many charities offer opportunities to help those in need. Stocking a local food pantry, serving a meal at a homeless shelter, or buying holiday gifts for a needy family can remind you that others are suffering too. 


Although you may not have the one gift you desire, a healthy baby, having a plan for dealing with infertility during the holidays can allow you to make the most of the season and to focus on continuing your fertility journey in the coming New Year. For more information, schedule an appointment at Red Rock Fertility Center with a fertility specialist or call us at (702) 749-4676.

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