5 Fertility Tips for Men Trying to Conceive

By Red Rock Fertility     Posted April 1, 2013     In

5 Fertility Tips

Written by:  Dr. Eva Littman, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Practice Director

  1. Be considerate of your partner.  Keep in mind that the drive to reproduce for a woman can be just as strong as the drive to eat, sleep or have sex is for a man.  Therefore, if your partner is being slightly pushy about getting a pregnancy to happen, try to understand that it is a strong need and try to accommodate this desire by being willing to perform at a moment’s notice.  Also keep in mind that female hormones are undergoing huge fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle, and these directly impact a woman’s mood.
  2. Increase the color on your plate.  For men, changes in diet can directly correlate with sperm quality and quantity.  It is a well known fact that diets high in antioxidants, folic acid, and protein can have a direct impact on improving sperm parameters.  Therefore, don’t be afraid to add some blueberries to the morning yogurt or oatmeal and instead of a salad with iceberg lettuce choose spinach instead.
  3. Pay attention to your body weight.  The testicles hang outside of the body because they are not meant to be at body temperature.  Sperm like to be kept at a cooler temperature than the core body temperature.  It is a well known fact that men who suffer from increased BMI have more issues with abnormal sperm parameters.  This is largely due to the amount of soft tissue surrounding the testicles causing them to be warmer than optimal temperature.  If you find you do have this problem, some things that may help are sitting with your legs open, wearing lose underwear, and in more severe cases, purchasing a cold gel pac to keep your sperm from undergoing heat injury.
  4. Glass is better than plastic.  Plastic especially when heated in a microwave can give off  estrogen-like chemicals which confuse the hormonal mileu of a man and can have an impact on sperm production.  These chemicals have also been related to the development of several cancers.  Therefore, try to convert to glass containers rather than plastic when heating up your food.  Also, stainless steel cups and glass dishes are much better for you and your sperm than plastic.
  5. Eat Organic.  Pesticides have a major impact on sperm.  Men are much more susceptible to chemical injury than women because the sperm is created approximately every 72 days and the DNA inside the sperm is constantly being developed.  If you cannot eat organic, it is helpful to peel the outer layer on your fruits and vegetables because these are laden with chemicals to help the fruit last longer on the shelf but can be toxic to sperm development.