Gay and Lesbian Fertility


As of 2009 Nevada has recognized same-sex domestic partnerships.  These partnerships provide many of the same benefits afforded to opposite-sex marriages.  The state would not, however, recognize the fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry.  Luckily, this gross lack of equality was shot down in court, and same-sex partners are now able to be legally bound in marriage.  The courts found Nevada’s previous ban of same-sex marriages to be unconstitutional.

Tax Benefits

For federal income taxes, the internal revenue service (IRS) recognizes all same-sex marriages that were performed in a state that allows same-sex marriage.  Same-sex couples married in Nevada will now enjoy all of the same tax benefits as opposite-sex couples who marry in the state.  Filling taxes jointly not only offers tax benefits, but also means needing to file only one tax return, which can save time and money.  However, couples filing jointly should remember that each partner is equally responsible for the accuracy of the filing in the eyes of the law, so it is wise to double check your partner’s numbers.


With the legalization of same sex-marriage, couples may be more comfortable to start a family.  There are many fertility treatment options available today for same-sex couples.  For lesbian couples, one of the simplest fertility treatments is to use a sperm bank.  The sperm is rigorously tested to make sure that it is safe and is affiliated with a donor profile so the couple knows a little bit about the health and appearance of the man who donated the sperm.  The sperm is then inseminated into one of the partners.

For gay male couples the process is a little bit more complicated, due to the need to find a gestational carrier or surrogate.  After a carrier is found, the couple can use an egg bank and choose a donor.  More than one egg is usually used.  All eggs can be fertilized with one partner’s sperm or both partners’ sperm may be used to fertilize different eggs.  The fertilized eggs are then implanted in the carrier.

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