It already feels like quite the workout carrying your bundle of joy around or chasing your newly-crawling baby around the house! But there are some other great ways to get active with your baby tagging along, whether it’s squats at home or taking a hike. Read on to see some great ways to get active with your baby, along with some tips on ensuring you and your baby stay safe while exercising.

Pre-Workout Precautions

Working out with your baby can be a great way to bond, stay in shape, and have fun. But before you get started, it’s important to take some precautions to keep you and your baby safe. No matter what workout you choose or where you do it, keep yourself hydrated and your baby secure. Never over-exert yourself if you’re feeling too worn down – workouts with your baby should be simple and fun! You’ll also want to choose activities based on your baby’s age. If your baby can’t support their head or sit up on their own, choose activities that allow them to be in a carrier or stroller. Older babies will love being a part of more involved body weight workouts.

If you’re working out at home, be sure your space is open and free of any obstacles, and if you have hard floors or sharp corners nearby, put down some padding. When working out outdoors, put proper clothing on your baby and yourself to protect from the elements. You’ll also want a comfortable stroller or carrier that keeps your baby safe.

Father Doing Yoga for a Dad Workout with Baby

Workouts to Do with Your Baby


Doing yoga with your baby can be an easy workout that will help you improve your core and flexibility. While your baby might only be able to do child’s pose, literally, you can still do some fun movements with them nearby. This workout is less hands-on with your baby than other activities, but you can keep it fun for them by adding in some kisses or fun faces between position changes or incorporating them into some of the poses.

Plié Squats

For a really great body weight workout, add on to your body weight with some baby weight and try some plié squats. Start by taking a wide stance on your yoga mat and holding your baby in front of you or securely strapped in a baby carrier. Slowly bend your knees and lower yourself toward the floor, and slowly come back up. Plié squats can be a fun exercise with your baby as they get to go up and down with your movements.


Taking a walk is one of the easiest ways to exercise with your baby. No matter your baby’s age, getting some fresh air with your little one is great for both of you. Whether you’re using a stroller, carrier, or even taking short walks when your baby is starting to test out their walking legs, adjust your stroll to what is comfortable for you. Not only is it great to get the fresh air, but it’s also great for your cardiovascular system.

Father Dancing with Baby for Dad Workout with Baby


Having a little dance with your baby is a fun way to be close while listening to some great music and getting in a light cardiovascular workout. While you won’t be doing the tango, hold your baby close and do some simple bounces and sways while working your core. To make it more intense of a workout for yourself, put your baby in a seat or swing and dance around them – they will probably love the show.


Make crunches fun by turning them into a little game of peek-a-boo. Crunches are great for your core and your lower back, both areas that are great to work on to keep up with baby shenanigans. Strengthening these muscles can help alleviate pain from daily baby care. As you lay on the floor, place your feet on your yoga mat and support your baby on your stomach. Every time you come up, make a fun face to get a cute giggle!


If you are adventurous and love the great outdoors, taking a hike with your baby can be a great experience to get a workout and enjoy some fresh air. Stick to some easy-level hikes to make sure you’re always on safe footing. Since strollers are difficult to take on trails, get a good hiking baby carrier that straps to your chest or back. This is also a fun time to point out all the pretty animals and foliage you might see in nature.

If you are trying to keep in shape and feel healthy, doing workouts with your baby is a great way to get moving while bonding with your little one. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or doing a cardio dance routine, being active will help you keep up with your baby as they continue to grow and explore the world!

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