Children need to be able to have playground areas. They need to have a sense of freedom. Children also need to have venues to interact with other kids. Many adults have memories on playgrounds growing up. Playgrounds can also be great for a community. Many people have memories of going to a playground with mom or dad or with friends. Playgrounds are a great place for kids to have fun, provided they are safe.

There are some hazards to certain playgrounds. Many playgrounds used to have merry-go-rounds. However, these are now less common. Many people would become nauseous on these, and it was also an easy way for kids to be bullied. These are good reasons to remove a certain piece of playgrounds equipment.

Other hazardous things might include metal slides. These can become very hot in the summer and are thus very painful. Wooden playgrounds can be good, but need to be used with caution. Children can get splinters from this material. It may be best to go with a material such as plastic. Some schools choose not to have swing sets because of safety. They are a lot of fun and can really get kids exercising. They need to use their leg muscles and strengthen their core to “pump” themselves to swinging. It is a lot of fun and it is important for kids to exercise. There are a lot of ways to make exercising fun. Swing sets are just one of the items in playground equipment that help to do that.

There always should be adult supervision at a school playground. No matter how safe playground equipment might be, things can happen on a playground. Adults should make sure that children are using the equipment in the right way. Jumping off of monkey bars and off of the top of the slide can be very dangerous. Adults need to monitor what children are doing to really ensure playground safety. There is no replacement for adult supervision.

Playground equipment has so many benefits! It helps kids to exercise and it is a place to make memories. These memories will be bad ones, however, if the equipment is unsafe or is used improperly. That is why adult supervision and precautions when choosing equipment are so important. Schools should really be thinking about their students when they decide what equipment to go with. It is important to keep them safe and happy.

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