Mother’s Day this year is on May 13th and it’s just around the corner. This special day is a time to celebrate mothers all over the world, but can be difficult for families coping with infertility. But, you are not alone. This Mother’s Day, learn on loved ones, get outside and try something new, and stay positive. Let’s share some different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while going through your fertility journey.

Host an Event

Hosting an event can be a stressful task, but it will definitely do the trick when you’re looking to get your mind off of something. Put all your energy and extra time into planning the best Mother’s Day celebration for you and your friends! Switch things up this year and celebrate all the powerful women in your life, mothers or not. This support system will help you celebrate this important day, even if you don’t have a child of your own. Enjoy snacks, chit-chat, fun activities and mimosas together to take your mind of the traditional Mother’s Day stigma.

Do Something that You Couldn’t Do if You Were Pregnant

Our next recommendation for coping with infertility on Mother’s Day is to do something that you couldn’t do if you were pregnant. There are plenty of activities that all women can do, at all stages of life. But there’s also a wide variety of activities that pregnant women cannot participate in. Go to the movies by yourself, kick your feet up, and enjoy your independence. You could also take an adventure-packed vacation, ride a roller coaster, or go bungee jumping! And of course, enjoy some adult beverages! Whether you love wine, whiskey, or an ice-cold beer,indulge in all of the activities that you truly enjoy this Mother’s Day because you deserve every ounce of joy!

Adult daughter celebrating her mother on Mother’s Day.

Celebrate Your Own Mother

Mother’s Day may be a harder day than others if you are coping with infertility, but there are no rules on what you have to do on this holiday. One way to embrace the motherhood theme is to celebrate your own mother! Make your mother her favorite homemade meal, go on a road trip together, or even schedule a mother/daughter massage session. Putting extra time into planning these events for your mom will help you distract yourself and de-stress! Use Mother’s Day this year to appreciate your mom and everything that she has done for you.

Acknowledge Your Blessings

It might be hard to stay positive during infertility, but doing your best to stay away from negative energy will help during this time. The best way to stay positive is to acknowledge your blessings, and be thankful for what you currently have. Thank your partner for standing by your side during this journey. Praise your family for always having your back, no matter what. And don’t forget about your wonderful friends that are always there to lend a listening ear or supportive hug. No matter what your individual blessing may be, focus as much as your energy toward them as you can.
In addition to your blessings, spend Mother’s Day celebrating your career, your home, and yourself! There’s no time like a relaxing Sunday to show yourself some love.

Do Something Special with Your Partner

Coping with infertility may be mentally and physically trying, for both you and your partner. Use Mother’s Day to focus on each other and plan a special date night, go on a trip together, or try something new! Strengthening your relationship can tremendously help you both throughout this time. Spend some time recognizing that each of you have different coping strategies and ways of dealing with infertility.Working together will keep your spirits high and help you stay positive.
There are many different ways to cope with infertility during Mother’s Day. Remaining positive, focusing on other activites, and leaning on the ones you love are steps in the right direction. If you’re still having a hard time during your infertility process, the Red Rock Fertility Center and staff is here for you throughout every step of the way. Make an appointment with Dr. Littman today to get your questions answered.

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