This is how it’s been for centuries:  fathers getting involved when it comes to discipline, but leaving the daily tasks, the hugs and kisses to the mother. However, with rising awareness of child psychology, society encourages both the mothers and the fathers to take care of the baby equally, and find ways to bond with it. Here are 22 tips for the new dad.

  1. Don’t allow your over-protective partner to interfere or offer to take over the baby when it’s your turn to do things. Learn how to change diapers, burp the baby, feed it and so on, and be self-reliant.
  2. When you’re with your baby, focus on the baby totally. Don’t handle the baby, feed it or change its diaper while reading your paper or doing your accounts. Babies can sense it when a caretaker is not interested.
  3. Bond with your baby – let the baby get to know your smell, your voice, your laugh and your touch. Give the baby baths and massages to let the baby recognize and like your touch.
  4. Read aloud to your baby right from its day of birth. Your baby will be comforted by your voice and as it grows older, will look to you for comfort.
  5. Take baby out in the stroller by yourself. This is a great way to bond with the baby. Your baby will learn to associate your presence with the pretty colors, sounds and fresh air outside.
  6. Set up baby minding routines with your partner, with clear timelines. Both of you should respect each other’s timelines and routines.
  7. Throw a rug on the floor and place the baby on it to change its diaper. This way, you don’t have to worry about the baby falling off of a table.
  8. Don’t feel intimidated if your partner offers advice or admonishes you for doing things wrong. Insist on learning how to do it the right way and don’t give up your turn with the baby.
  9. Lift weights and keep your back muscles in good working order. Your baby will grow heavier and the first strain will show on your back.
  10. Remember a new baby will disrupt your sex life. Your partner may be fully immersed in the child and post-partum issues to really pay   attention to sex. Discuss these issues with your partner and the doctor and don’t let these issues interfere with your baby duties.
  11. Read up on all baby illnesses, symptoms and so on. Know when to call the pediatrician and what home aids you can try out first.
  12. Place all baby’s laundry in a well ventilated container. Keeping clothes in a sealed hamper allows mildew to set in.
  13. If baby happens to stain your favorite clothes, soak them in cold water overnight with some detergent and then launder them.
  14. Get a good baby backpack that is comfortable for both you and baby. Backpacks are great; they allow you to be hands free and carry baby around without any issues.
  15. Put your fancy clothing away and wear simple cotton clothing that has no studs or additional decoration on it. It’s best to invest in cheap T-shirts to wear while carrying baby.
  16. Always carry an extra set of clothing for baby when you’re taking him outside. You never know when you’ll need to change his clothing.
  17. Child proof your home before your kid learns to crawl. Close electric outlets that are at low height, and remove sharp or breakable objects from around you.
  18. Get rid of any and all poisons in the house, medicinal or otherwise. Lock up expensive fluids so baby cannot get hold of them.
  19. Clean your under the sink area; nothing should be kept there but pots and pans.
  20. Buy good quality microwavable plastic ware and pack up all your china and glass cookware.
  21. Get down and all fours and crawl around your house and check each inch for baby hazards such as nails, holes in the carpet and so on.
  22. Listen to well meaning advice, but take your own decisions when it comes to your baby. Always consult the pediatrician for professional advice.


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