The Clinic

Our state-of-the-art facility is specially designed to better accommodate our growing patient base. The clinic, located at 9120 West Russell Road in Las Vegas, is 12,800 square-feet—twice the size of our former facility. The building, designed by Las Vegas architecture firm IZ Design Studio gives us the space and opportunity to better serve our patients.

The modern facility boasts an effortlessly serene ambiance with the help of a floor to ceiling water feature surrounded by warm earth tones throughout.

Everything we do at Red Rock Fertility Center is aimed at providing patients with an unparalleled experience and the opportunity for the best chance of success. This new location gives us the tools to make this goal a reality for many more individuals seeking fertility treatment.


Red Rock Fertility Center is home to one of the most advanced IVF laboratories. The lab, which is three times the size of our former lab space, continues to have Class 6 Clean Room Certification. Our advanced lab has the latest technology to ensure our patients get the best treatment possible. The innovative facility also boasts a new ambulatory surgery center. The surgery center has two Class C operating rooms that can accommodate both fertility and OB/GYN procedures, including a fully equipped laparoscopy suite. In addition to our clinical amenities, we are proud to offer an area dedicated to acupuncture and acupressure massage.

To enhance our commitment to education, we’ve also created a designated area that will offer classes on a range of different fertility-related topics. We believe that information is power, and our patients have a better chance of success if they understand the different aspects and nuances of pregnancy and other fertility focused subjects. This area of the facility will also host our free monthly fertility seminars.


In an effort to further our commitment to the environment and our patients’ health, the clinic features a range of highly sustainable and eco-friendly features throughout. When developing the space, we opted for 100 percent recyclable materials that feature a majority of already recycled materials. The entire space is VOC free to ensure optimal air quality throughout.

In addition, the mechanical systems are designed to cycle and filter the air flowing through the building at regular intervals. We are also proud to incorporate Himalayan salt lamps, which have been known to help with air purification and the removal of negative ionic energy. We believe this is a crucial aspect of ensuring patient success as maintaining a positive mindset is essential for those trying to start their family.

“We believe in the importance of a serene, family-oriented environment where patients are treated as people, not as numbers,” says Dr. Littman, “Shorter wait times and the incorporation of the latest technology, along with the soothing spa-like environment, should help to alleviate stress during what is already a challenging emotional time for our patients and their families.

Our IVF Laboratory

At Red Rock Fertility Center we have the latest technology and techniques to increase your probability of getting pregnant.

Success Rates

The best way to see if a fertility clinic you are considering is a good one is to look at their egg donor success rates.

Our Seminars

Every month our highly experienced team of doctors put on a seminar to share their knowledge with the public.