Success Rates

Success Rates

The best way to see if a fertility clinic you are considering is a good one is to look at their egg donor success rates. Egg donors are used by couples when the woman either has no eggs (ovaries removed) or has very poor egg quality (very high FSH.) These patients should have a high probability of becoming pregnant because the donor does not have an issue with infertility.

“As a woman, I think women deserve the right to try with their own eggs. I have donated eggs myself back when I was in college and believe egg donation is an excellent option. But, if a woman or couple absolutely wants their own biological child, I understand that and I will do everything in my capacity to make that happen. We specialize in difficult fertility cases that other clinics would not accept. We believe that there needs to be thorough investigation into cases where people have failed previous therapy. A review of medication protocols, and further testing may allow a previous failure to turn into an absolute success! Even with a difficult patient population, we still have outstanding pregnancy rates.”  – Dr. Eva Littman

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