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About Our IVF Laboratory:

At Red Rock Fertility Center we have the latest technology and techniques to increase your probability of getting pregnant. Not only do we have the technology, but we also have the expertise. We are one of the few IVF centers in Nevada to have two embryologists with Executive Laboratory Director (ELD) Qualifications. Our third embryologist has an advanced certification as a Laboratory Technical Supervisor and our Andrologist is certified as an Andrology Laboratory Scientist.


Embryo Development

Many people do not completely understand the process of IVF. It is a complicated process and we like for our patients to have at least a general knowledge of how this process works.


Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is used in cases where the outer covering of the embryo (the zona pellucida) is thick, or in cases of unexplained infertility. Traditionally, this procedure has been performed using a micro-manipulation system and acid. At Red Rock Fertility Center in Las Vegas, we have the Saturn Laser system which is much more precise and causes less damage to the embryo.


Embryo and Egg Freezing

Embryo freezing involves the low temperature storage of the embryo in liquid nitrogen for later use. Embryo freezing is a well-known technique in the treatment of infertility.


IVF Security

Proper identification and storage of your embryos is an extremely important part of your IVF cycle. At Red Rock Fertility Center, we maintain a high level of security and vigilance to ensure that your embryos are secure.

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