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Fertility Treatment, Advice, and Success Stories for LGBTQ Families

If your ultimate dream is to start a family, nothing should keep you from making that dream possible. With today’s expanding technology and support, sexual preference does not inhibit anyone from having the family they’ve always wanted. As a LGBTQ couple, you have plenty of options to choose from to get that sweet little bundle […]

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Exploring Family Building Options for Gay Men

Modern reproductive technology has now made it possible for gay men to have a child to whom they are biologically related. The decision to start a family is certainly a life-changing one, but with proper planning and preparation, the family-building process is quite joyous. The process of building a family through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) involves […]

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Celebrating Two Dads on Fathers Day

This Sunday, families across the country will light up the barbeque, put the finishing touches on homemade cards, and fill up restaurants to celebrate and honor their dads on Father’s day. Thanks to advancements fertility options and gay rights and, male couples can now join in the fun and joy of Father’s day too! Father’s […]

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The Evolution of the Modern Family

Deciding to start or expand a family is a big step – no matter your situation.  But, as a member of the LGBTQ community, you know that you have to consider variables that other would-be parents don’t have to entertain. You and your partner have probably had at least a few conversations about the pros […]

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How to Talk to Kids about Having Two Moms

Diversity. It’s what makes this country unique and interesting. But for a child, being different can be scary and uncomfortable. As lesbian parents, you and your partner want the best for your child – something you made clear before he/she even entered the world. From selecting a sperm donor to choosing a delivery room doctor, […]

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Men Having Babies Event

At Red Rock Fertility Center, we know that strong families come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re passionate about helping you and your partner fulfill your dreams of becoming parents. We also understand the challenge that many gay couples face when they request compassionate and accurate information about surrogacy from a culture that’s just […]

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Benefits of Gay Marriage Being Legalized in Nevada

Equality As of 2009 Nevada has recognized same-sex domestic partnerships.  These partnerships provide many of the same benefits afforded to opposite-sex marriages.  The state would not, however, recognize the fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry.  Luckily, this gross lack of equality was shot down in court, and same-sex partners are now able to be […]