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Series: Get to Know Us – Nadine Maxilom

Our team at Red Rock Fertility Center is committed to providing personalized service to all our patients. We believe that it’s beneficial for both the staff and patients to develop a personal relationship to have a better experience. That’s why we started this ongoing staff spotlight series. We want you to get to know us […]

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Spark the Romance in September Courtesy of Red Rock Fertility

  At Red Rock Fertility Center, we understand all of the emotions that go along with trying to conceive. While a lot of time and focus can go into details such as doctor appointments, diet changes and tracking fertility cycles, it is also important to make time for each other. Sometimes when a couple is […]

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Saturn Laser used for ICSI

See our featured article describing our Saturn Laser used for ICSI and assisted hatching on Medical PR News – ‘Las Vegas’ Red Rock Fertility Center: A Combination of the Perfect Environment, the Most Advanced Medicine, Providers Optimal IVF Treatment.’        

New Year, New Resolutions For Those Struggling With Infertility

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2014?  If so, was it to lose weight, make more money, or any of the other typical resolutions?  All of those are wonderful, but this year, let’s start by caring for yourself first. Looking back over the past year, figure out all of things you had thought […]

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Win 50% off Infertility Treatment!

A little dose of humor is what the doctor ordered.  So we delivered.  We have started airing our new TV commercial in hopes that it will bring a little bit of laughter to everyone’s lives.  We also thought, let’s do a little more, why not give two lucky winners 50% off their infertility treatment!  All […]