In today’s world, there are many reasons why a woman may decide to put off childbearing. Perhaps she’s trying to get on stable financial footing, complete a higher education program, find the right partner or simply enjoy her freedom before taking the big step of starting a family. In addition, there isn’t as much concern about the idea of a “biological clock,” because life expectancies are much greater than in previous generations. However, there is a troubling side effect to the trend to delay pregnancy.

Not too long ago, thirty was considered middle aged, but that number is currently closer to forty. As a result, many people are feeling less of a sense of urgency in terms of starting a family, because they look and feel young. The problem with this line of thinking is that, when it comes to fertility, our bodies have not changed. A woman’s fertility still begins to decline in her early to mid-twenties, and drops at a more accelerated rate once she reaches her thirties. In addition, many would be surprised to know men also undergo a similar decrease in fertility as they grow older.

The end result is that the medical community is seeing a marked increase in the number of couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant and are seeking infertility treatments. Fortunately, with advances in science and technology, the renowned reproductive endocrinologists at Red Rock Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Eva Littman has helped many couples struggling with infertility to realize their dream of having a baby.

We Specialize in Your Fertility

The specialists at Red Rock Fertility (RRF) have an arsenal of successful techniques which can be used to increase fertility. They offer options such as In Vitro Fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, Egg and Sperm Freezing, and the use of egg donation in order to ensure their patients the best chance of achieving conception. In fact, they boast pregnancy success rates far above the average. For an example, their success rate for egg donor cycles (fresh and frozen) is 90%; more than 30% over the national rate!

The dedicated staff at RRF is knowledgeable, compassionate and personally invested in seeing that every woman who comes to their center gets the best care possible, with the ultimate goal being that each patient achieves her ultimate desire to have a family.

What Will Your Baby Look Like?

Offering personal service and sit-down consultations with its highly qualified doctors, Red Rock Fertility Center is the place to go for any woman experiencing infertility. They are in the business of making dreams come true. Call today for an appointment.

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