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Managing IVF and Work to Find Work-Fertility Balance

Finding balance between life, work, and fertility treatments can be overwhelming. But there are ways to balance your work and social life with your treatments while managing stress and expectations. Achieving work life balance is possible, and this blog will cover how to throw IVF in the mix.   Achieving Work-Life Balance with Fertility Treatments […]

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Common Side Effects of IVF Treatment

Oftentimes, when one sees a parent with a new baby, it triggers a strange rush of emotions. You may feel overwhelming happiness for the new parents coupled with incredible sadness that you’re not one of them. Wanting to be pregnant and have a child when you’re unable to do so can be one of the […]

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21 Celebrity Infertility Stories & Experiences

Many are shocked to know their favorite celebrities also experienced a journey with fertilization treatments. From implantation issues to miscarriages, celebrity parents go through many of the same infertility struggles as average parents. Read below to learn more about celebrity infertility struggles, their experience through the IVF process, and how they successfully grew their families. […]

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National Adoption Month: Which Path to Parenthood is Right for Me?

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, an important subject many consider when on the path to parenthood. Read below to learn more about two different methods of growing your family, adoption and fertilization treatments, and which is right for you. About National Adoption Month For over two decades, National Adoption Month has been promoted and […]

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Starting Your Family in the New Year

You’ve had the discussion. You’ve weighed the costs and economics of becoming a parent. And you’ve determined that now is the right time to not only start a family but to employ the services of a highly-rated fertility clinic to help make it possible. Starting a family now means you’ll be that much closer to feeling […]

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Exploring Family Building Options for Gay Men

Modern reproductive technology has now made it possible for gay men to have a child to whom they are biologically related. The decision to start a family is certainly a life-changing one, but with proper planning and preparation, the family-building process is quite joyous. The process of building a family through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) involves […]

Age And Fertility

  Written by:  Shannon McGrath, MSN, WHNP-C In today’s society, age-related infertility is becoming common for a multitude of reasons.  About 20% of U.S. women—a growing share—wait until after age 35 to begin their families, according to data compiled by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Nationally, the mean age of first-time mothers was […]

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Frozen is simply not Better than Fresh except in cases of PCOS… (That rhymes doesn’t it?)

By: Dr. Eva Littman, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Practice Director Some may argue that the endometrium cannot be adequately prepared for implantation during a fresh gonadotropin stimulated cycle, due to the excess estrogen and progesterone levels seen by the endometrium during stimulation. I beg to differ with this hypothesis. Across the nation, fresh IVF cycles are done routinely. Statistics nationwide […]

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How do you get rid of VOC's in the IVF lab?

I have helped set up other IVF labs and have been asked, “Can’t we just build our lab with materials that do not contain VOC’s?”  My answer is that it is impossible.  Modern construction materials and furniture all have VOC containing material.  The stuffing in chairs can off-gas VOCs.  Cabinets and furniture all have particle […]

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Upcoming Fertility Seminars…

The Red Rock Fertility Center would like to invite you to a FREE Fertility Seminar Come enjoy some good organic caffeine free tea, listen to an informational talk on infertility by either  Dr. Eva Littman (Saturday mornings) or Noushi Mortazavi, APN (Tuesday Evenings,) and cap it off with a tour of our state of the […]

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Preparing for IVF

For many couples, preparing for IVF treatments can be extremely stressful. Others feel that most of their anxiety was already “spent” while they were trying to conceive for prolonged periods of time, and seeking solutions at fertility appointments. Both of these groups have something in common though – preparing for IVF practically and emotionally can […]

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Irresponsible!!! In one word this sums it up!!!  I am delighted at the news that the octuplets were brought into this world safely even though they have a long road ahead of them, I sincerely wish them the best.  However, as for the parent and the doctor responsible for their conception, I have other not […]

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New Test for Male Infertility

When a couple experiences infertility, approximately 40% of the time, it is a sperm problem.  Many couples are surprised by that number, as many couples assume that just because there is ejaculate, there is functional sperm in it.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  There must be an adequate quantity of sperm and sperm […]