In Vitro Fertilization, once a cutting edge technique in the world of fertility treatment, has become more common and affordable as the number of couples who experience problems conceiving has steadily increased. IVF is a four step procedure, which begins with administering medication to stimulate ovulation. Next, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the lab.They are then grown for three-five days in an incubator, and finally the embryos are implanted back into the patient’s womb.

Because it boasts the only certified clean room IVF laboratory in Nevada, Red Rock Fertility Center is able to complete the entire IVF process on site. The compassionate experts at RRF have made it their life’s work to help women who are experiencing trouble getting pregnant, and as such offer the widest range of fertility testing and treatment options in Las Vegas. For example, they offer an UltraIVF protocol which has produced a 70% success rate with only a single UltraIVF cycle!

Affordable treatment and priceless results

When choosing a fertility center, the foremost concern for most couple is the success rate. Because fertility treatments carry a price, however, the next biggest issue is usually cost. The IVF treatment cost, in particular, varies depending on the individual clinic. The ideal solution is find a fertility center with the best fertility doctors, highest success rate and the most affordable financing. RRF not only boasts an extremely high “take home baby” percentage, but employees knowledgeable financial counselors to guide you through that part of the process.

Many people would be surprised to discover that their medical insurance may cover all or a portion of fertility testing and treatment. The staff at Red Rock Fertility is well-versed in understanding individual insurance policies, and will help you to understand yours. If there is a cost to the patient, RRF offers excellent financing options to help ease the burden.

We can help you achieve your goals

Experiencing the joy of building a family is not something on which you can put a price, but it shouldn’t leave a couple struggling either. The compassionate staff at Red Rock Fertility Center understands this concept will do everything in their power to help you achieve your dream at a reasonable cost to you.

Please call our office and make an appointment to consult with a doctor today. Learn about the best treatment options available to help conceive your bundle of joy.

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