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How Much Does In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cost?

Fertility treatment is a complicated process, so choosing the right fertility center is important if you want to ensure that your money is well-spent. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF requires the use of specialized and expensive equipment as well as a staff of professionals who are trained to handle each step of the process from start to finish.

The decision to undergo fertility treatments can be a stressful one. When you factor in the potential costs of those treatments, that decision can become overwhelming. Only 30% of most health insurance plans cover IVF, although they frequently cover a workup and subsequent diagnosis of fertility problems. The good news is that treating infertility is much more affordable than you think.

Red Rock Fertility Center, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has partnered with many large, national banks and credit sources, as well as local lending institutions, to establish a variety of financing programs to fit your budget. In addition, Red Rock Fertility has partnered with some of the country’s largest medical lenders, such as United Medical Credit and American Health Care Lending, to help provide patient financing for all of their fertility procedures.


Red Rock Fertility is a modern, boutique-style center. This means that you are not a number — you are a patient. You will see a fertility specialist for all of your appointments and the clinic’s friendly and caring staff will always be available to answer all of your questions and concerns while respecting your feelings and your privacy.

At Red Rock Fertility you will also have the services of a specialized financial counselor who will help you come up with a financial plan that is within your budget. Monthly payment plans are available through many local banks which provide IVF on approved credit at reasonable rates if your credit score is at least 650. Red Rock Fertility has a “lay-away” program that allows you to prepay your fertility treatment over time. This is especially helpful to prospective patients whose credit score is less than 650.


The UltraIVF Program at Red Rock Fertility is a combination of precise medical management, rigidly controlled lab conditions and genetic screening to ensure a high probability of pregnancy. UltraIVF has a 70% take-home baby rate per transfer with just one cycle. The new UltraIVF Package is an excellent value, increasing your probability of taking home a baby to well over 70% while saving you money. Check out the video testimonials on the clinic’s website. Be part of the success stories — call to learn more about fertility benefits and financing your IVF cost.