It could be called The American Dream, the desire of many to expand or complete their family by giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby with whom they can share their love. But for some couples, that dream remains frustratingly out of reach. Infertility has become an all-too-frequent occurrence as humans face a greater number of factors that can diminish a couple’s ability to conceive and carry to term, including environmental toxins, advanced age, and illnesses such as endometriosis.

As our understanding of embryonic health increases, so too does the knowledge that the use of many household items, from plastic bottles to anti-aging creams, can lead to problems with fertility. The toxins that are released into our environment, as a result of increased mass manufacturing, directly contribute to the advent of infertility in both women and men. Ironically, preservatives that protect our fruits and vegetables, and other chemicals designed to improve our standard of living, have instead hurt the most important of our biological functions: our ability to procreate.

According to the reproductive experts at Red Rock Fertility, the population of infertile couples has grown dramatically over the latter half of the past century, not just in this country, but worldwide. And while the aforementioned toxins represent a portion of the problem, there are additional factors that can contribute to infertility, including illnesses, such as autoimmune disorders, and the fact that many couples are waiting longer to attempt conception. But if you are a couple longing for a child of your own, the root of your infertility has little significance to you. Your main focus is on the solution, and understandably so.

How does IUI work?

The good news is that there have been tremendous breakthroughs in reproductive science over the past several decades. Scientists have perfected a number of procedures that can help couples with the conception process. One such procedure is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). This procedure is most effective in cases where male fertility is an issue, or where problems with ovulation exist.

In IUI, the sperm sample is washed and concentrated, then injected, via catheter, directly into the cervix. The IUI procedure produces no discomfort and does not require the use of anesthesia. The artificial insemination cost varies, but fortunately, the IUI cost is covered under many insurance plans.

Consult with a doctor

Of course any medical procedure is only as successful as the infertility doctor who performs it. The compassionate professionals at Red Rock Fertility, both recipients of numerous honors and awards, have helped countless couples conceive.

With birth rates far exceeding the national average, the caring staff at Red Rock Fertility enjoys a stellar reputation among both domestic and international patients. Their commitment to identifying, addressing, and solving the problems of infertility is unparalleled. Visit them on the web today, or call to make an appointment at their Las Vegas location. Your baby awaits you.

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