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IUI Cost: The Price of Artificial Insemination

The decision to begin the process of fertility treatments is not one that is made lightly. Approximately 1 in 6 couples will experience difficulty in conceiving and will need to seek the services of a fertility specialist to determine the nature of the problem(s) and select the treatment that will offer the best chance of success. This process can become an emotional rollercoaster for a couple involving financial as well as medical issues. The mission of a good fertility clinic is to try and strike a balance between using the simplest and most cost-effective treatment with the one that offers the best chance for success.

Reproductive technology can be quite costly, but the good news is that it’s much more affordable than most people think. Most health insurance plans cover the work-up and diagnosis of fertility problems, but only about 30% cover the actual treatment. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), considered to be a “low-tech” treatment for fertility problems, is covered more frequently by insurance carriers than In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which is more of a “high-tech” treatment option.

Red Rock Fertility Center, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has formed partnerships with some of the country’s largest medical lenders such as American Health Care and United Medical Credit to assist their patients with the financing of their fertility treatments. In addition, Red Rock has established a variety of financing programs by partnering with many large national banks, local institutions and other credit sources. Red Rock also has a “lay-away” program which allows patients to prepay their fertility treatments over time.


IUI is most frequently used to treat couples experiencing male infertility or problems with ovulation. During the process of IUI, a concentrated sperm sample is placed into the uterus via a transfer catheter. Intrauterine Insemination can be done in conjunction with the use of fertility medications in women who have irregular ovulation. However, it is important to monitor this process to ensure that the right number of eggs are matured in order to reduce the incidence of multiple births.

Dr. Eva Littman, fertility specialist at Red Rock Fertility, has extensive experience in treating patients with IUI. In general, the success rate of IUI is between 10-20% depending upon the woman’s age and the quality of the sperm. If IUI is not successful after 2-3 attempts, the treatment team at Red Rock will recommend IVF which has a higher success rate, but is more costly due to the use of more specialized and expensive equipment.


At Red Rock Fertility, Dr.Littman, along with an experienced team of embryologists and a state-of-the art lab, will facilitate every step of the treatment process to ensure the best chance for a successful outcome. Call to schedule a consultation today — take the first step to a new life with a new love!